Poll: Who will finish as East’s eighth playoff seed?

Dwyane Wade of the Heat says he will seek therapy after his playing days end.

For most of the season, it looked as if the Charlotte Hornets had a hold on a playoff spot. They seemed to have a tight grip on the eighth-best record in the Eastern Conference from November through the end of February.

It wasn’t always the case — but it sure did feel that way.

Today, though, things are different.

The Hornets enter Monday at 31-38 and in 10th place in the East. That means they are on the outside looking in, with start point guard Kemba Walker due to hit free agency in July. Those two things are rarely a good combination when it comes to keeping your best player.

Anyway, the eight spot currently (and barely) belongs to the Miami Heat, who have won seven of 10 and sport a record of 33-36. (The Heat also lead the Southeast Division with that record, which is an entirely different discussion.)

Miami has every reason to make it, considering this is Dwyane Wade’s final shot at the postseason. It’s hard to envision him going out without the playoffs.

Right behind the Heat are the Orlando Magic, with a mark of 33-38. Then come the Hornets. Then come the Washington Wizards, who at 30-40, are right back in the race. Yes, the Wizards — who have suffered through John Wall’s season-ending injury and an entire first-half of the season of trade rumors.

So which of the aforementioned will actually make the playoffs? Vote in the poll below and share your comments at the bottom of this post.

Which of these teams is most likely to make the East playoffs?

Miami Heat
Orlando Magic
Charlotte Hornets
Washington Wizards