Pollard: Pieces finally falling into place for Celtics

Celtics point guard Kyrie Irving has been linked to several teams, including the Knicks and Nets.

It only took one first-round sweep for Scot Pollard to become a major believer in the Boston Celtics.

Pollard is a former journeyman center. One of his many stops came in Boston, and when Pollard looks at this season’s playoff picture, he clearly sees the Celtics coming out on top.

“If you don’t think the Celtics are coming out of the East I’ve got news for you: They are,” Pollard tweeted. “Didn’t even have a good series and swept the Pacers. (Gordon) Hayward peaking at the right time. Looking at ease, finally, on that formerly bad wheel. The pieces are falling into place. ?”

Granted, the Celtics are coming off their best stretch of the season, but they were also facing a Pacers team without their best player in Victor Oladipo. Along with that, the Celtics had homecourt advantage.

Assuming the playoff seeds hold true, the Celtics won’t have such a luxury for the rest of the playoffs. And assuming the Milwaukee Bucks finish dispatching of the Detroit Pistons, the Celtics’ next opponent will be the team with the league’s best regular-season record.

That’s not to say the Celtics have no shot. They finally lived up to expectations, and the good news for them? They did it at the only time of year that really matters.

If they continue to do so, hey, Pollard may be on to something. As it stands now, at least Kyrie Irving can say he has never lost a first-round series. And that’s a start to perhaps bigger things.