Report: Butler thinks Rose signing is great

Jimmy Butler and Derrick Rose are back together in Minnesota.

The Minnesota Timberwolves signed point guard Derrick Rose for the rest of the season Thursday, reuniting the former NBA MVP with not just coach Tom Thibodeau, but ex-Chicago Bulls teammates Jimmy Butler, Taj GibsonAaron Brooks and a few assistant coaches as well.

Butler, who is currently out with a torn right meniscus, thinks the Rose signing is great — according to a report from the Chicago Tribune.

This is relevant because Rose and Butler reportedly had minor beef with one another in the 2015 playoffs and Rose’s final season in Chicago in 2016.

Butler, per reports, took exception to Rose’s work ethic and viewed himself as the leader of the team. When Rose was traded to the New York Knicks in the summer of 2016, Butler was quoted as saying, “I knew it had to be one of us.”

Rose and Butler, however, have patched things up since then. Per the Chicago Tribune, the peacemaking began when both players attended a Cubs-Dodgers game in Los Angeles shortly after Rose was moved to New York.

Despite the reported beef, Rose and Butler were a productive duo in the 2015 playoffs for the Bulls. Butler averaged 22.9 points per game while Rose wasn’t far behind at 20.3.

During All-Star weekend, Butler was asked about Rose’s future in the league. It’s unknown if Butler privately knew the Wolves were going to sign Rose, but nevertheless, Butler had positive things to say about the Chicago native.

“When he’s ready, he’s gonna rock out for any organization he plays for,” Butler said. “I’m not a GM so obviously I can’t sign him, but I’ve played with him before and he’s a hell of a talent. I don’t think nobody thinks he doesn’t have a place in this league.”

Rose will wear No. 25 for the Wolves and could play tonight against the Boston Celtics.