Report: Chris Paul says LeBron ‘wants to be in LA’

Chris Paul says LeBron James doesn't want to play in Houston, he wants to head to LA, according to Stephen A. Smith.

Chris Paul is warning fans in Houston to not get their hopes up in regards to landing LeBron James if he declines his $35.6 million player option with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

At least according to ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith.

At the same time, Cleveland fans should not feel too good about holding onto their resident superstar, either.

Smith said on his ESPN podcast Monday that Paul, who was traded to the Houston Rockets by the Los Angeles Clippers last summer, is telling people in Houston they should not be holding their breath as the basketball awaits word from the best player on the planet on his future.

Paul, according to Smith, is telling people his long-time friend James doesn’t want to be in Houston, or Cleveland — he wants to head to Los Angeles.

“Chris Paul is telling folks LeBron ain’t trying to come to Houston, he wants to be in LA,” Smith said.

Even though Marla Ridenour of the Akron Beacon Journal recently said on ESPN Radio, “I heard this from his own lips when we were in Houston this season. He does not like Houston as a city. So, that would require him moving to a place that he’s not crazy about,” Paul has continued to recruit James to join him on the Rockets.

James has until 11:59 p.m. on June 29 to inform the Cavaliers whether or not he is picking up his player option. If he decides not to, he would become an unrestricted free agent for the third time in his career July 1.

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  1. LeBron doesn’t know. CP just bit on a tantalizing bait, but I bet in this situation, the bait just bit back.

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