Report: Lack of maturity and focus have plagued Dekker

A lack of maturity and focus regarding basketball have plagued Sam Dekker throughout his NBA career thus far, according to a report from Jordan Schultz of Yahoo Sports.

The Cleveland Cavaliers acquired Dekker from the Los Angeles Clippers Sunday and are hoping a change of scenery and fresh start will be good for the former Wisconsin Badger.

Dekker has undergone back surgery and left hand surgery in his three years in the NBA. He was drafted by the Houston Rockets in 2015 and then was traded to the Clippers in the summer of 2017 in the Chris Paul deal.

Dekker will have a larger role with the Cavs, which will allow him to get more playing time and showcase his skills. In 153 games in the league, Dekker has averages of 5.3 points and 3.0 rebounds while shooting 48.1 percent from the field and 28.3 percent from three.

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  1. Um….This is the best they can do with the $5mil. trade exception???
    What a HORRIBLE off-season(except drafting Sexton) so far. Nwaba, Dekker and giving KLove a RIDICULOUS extension. smh

    • 5 mill may and does sound like a lot of money to you and I. at least it does to me. However, in today’s NBA, 5 mill is almost minimum. That’s like having a job at McDonalds. Who did you expect would sign for 5 mill? LeBron James?

  2. I really don’t care if the guy has some maturity problems. What young kid doesn’t? That said, I’d like to know what his immaturity issues are. The article claims he’s had back surgery and hand surgery. And been in the league 3 years. Having those two surgeries makes one believe it might be the person doing the tweeting that has a maturity problem.

    IDK He may stink. He may be the kind of guy every grandfather shudders to think his granddaughter could go out with. All I care about is Dekker contributing to the game of basketball.

  3. So, what do we have so far?
    Hill and Sexton for ball handling, sometimes getting help from JR and Clarkson.
    Nwaba, Cedi, Hood, and Korver as perimeter players.
    Love, TT, Nance, Zizic, Preston, and Dekker as the biggies.

    So, really, we are looking forward to, err….. 2019-20 season.
    Once the season heats up and some players get injured, Cavs might be able to trade a few veterans for some picks and expiring contracts. Korver should be valued well by contenders with wiggle room – SA, Utah, Philly etc.
    I wonder how Rockets can get JR, unless Cavs agree to swallow Ryan Anderson’s contract. Then Anderson + 1st round pick = JR + Korver might work.
    But, more than JR and Korver, the Cavs should try to dump TT’s salary (unless, of course, he suddenly becomes Super-TT). Clarkson is another one that might be traded sooner or later.

    Hood’s contract, and Nance’s extension are still being worked out. But I believe the Cavs will have enough cap space at the beginning of next season to accommodate a pair of superstars. But a lot will depend on how some of the youngsters in the roster – Sexton, Cedi, Nance, Zizic etc – elevate their games this season.

    Let the tanking begin!

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