Report: Wade ‘sapped the Cavs’ energy and spirit’

Dwyane Wade was perceived to be a calming influence, a key member of the Cleveland Cavaliers’ “Bench Mob” that helped spur an 18-win-in-19 game stretch, including a 13-game winning streak.

However, according to a report, Wade may not have been all that he was made out to be.

While he was only with the Cavs for five months before he was dealt back to the Miami Heat for a second-round draft choice Thursday, Wade supposedly did enough damage in the locker room that the front office was “ecstatic” to see him go, a source told AmicoHoops.

Also, according to NBA insider Peter Vecsey on his Patreon page, Wade behaved “unprofessionally and sapped the team’s energy and spirit.”

When the Cavs signed Wade back in September, coach Tyronn Lue talked about Wade being a future Hall-of-Famer, saying the veteran guard would be a strong and positive influence.

That turned out not to be the case.

A source tells AmicoHoops that Lue felt Wade was the biggest issue in the Cavs’ locker room. Wade himself even revealed to Miami reporters that pal LeBron James would catch him watching Heat games in the training room and checking scores at halftime.

This wasn’t the first time Wade reportedly had been at the center of some team discord. He was also accused of occasionally rubbing teammates the wrong way as a member of the Chicago Bulls last season.

Regardless, the Cavaliers have obviously moved on and will take a two-game winning streak into Boston on Sunday, while Wade is very clearly thrilled to be back home in Miami with the Heat.

6 Comments on "Report: Wade ‘sapped the Cavs’ energy and spirit’"

  1. This was the word on Wade during his time with the Bulls. Glad the Cavs cut all the cancer out of the team, especially Wade, Rose and Ant Man. And Love’s injury is really looking like a blessing in disguise: it preserves his legs for the playoffs and allows Nance to find his place in the line-up.

  2. Scapegoat city still doing what we do. Even on the upswing, playing the blame game. SMH

  3. From my prospective wade was a consumate professional. He played well in the second string unit spear heading the 18 out of 19 wins until thompson returned and thomas returned january 2 wreaking havoc.

    • Don’t forget Jose Calderon wasn’t getting any playing time until the win streak. When IT came back is was Jose that sat and the losing began. Is it no question then that when Rose left and Jose started two games, again the Cavs win?

  4. I never believe anything that Peter Vescey says. He hasn’t been relevant in years hence his Patreon.

    • Hey Martin. Always appreciate your comments and the fact you follow along. All I can say is I don’t know that Wade was as big of an issue as what has been reported, but it sure seems like some around that locker room felt he was at least a little of an issue. The same things were said about Wade last year in Chicago. So either he’s the victim of a massive basketball witch hunt or there is some truth behind what’s being said. Either way, it’s not relevant to the Cavs anymore. 🙂 Thanks again!

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