RJ dishes on LeBron, D-Wade, Kyrie, others

Richard Jefferson officially "ended" his friendship with former Cavs teammates LeBron James on Wednesday.

When he’s finally ready to hang up his basketball shoes, Richard Jefferson will have zero trouble finding a job in broadcasting, should he desire to do so.

In recent days, the former Cleveland Cavalier, a member of the 2016 squad that won the NBA championship, has been making the round on various talk shows.

As normal, Jefferson, who will turn 38 on June 21, didn’t disappoint, providing several excellent opinions.

For example, when asked how his year went, he had some fun at LeBron James’ expense, referring to “peanut butter and jelly,” a description used before this season by Rachel Nichols of ESPN to describe the relationship between James and Dwyane Wade. One of Wade’s closest friends, Wade signed a deal with the Cavaliers last offseason and was traded back home to Miami on Feb. 8.

“My year?” Jefferson said. “I get waived for Peanut Butter and Jelly. I get traded for that. … that was awesome.

“For you guys who aren’t familiar, that’s LeBron’s bromance. It worked out really well for them. What are they, the fourth seed? Wow, the squeaked in there. No one will see them coming.”

It should be noted, Jefferson, who was traded along with Kay Felder to the Atlanta Hawks to make room for Wade before the season started only to be waived by the Hawks and signing with the Denver Nuggets, was laughing when he said that.

Jefferson actually had serious praise for James:

* “You can’t judge who’s the best player on the planet off of one season — it’s a body of work, and the body of work this year for ‘Bron is more impressive than KD (Kevin Durant).”

* “For him — being a great teammates, he is the No. 1 camaraderie guy that I’ve ever been around on any level: high school, college, NBA and I’ve played with Tim Duncan, Dirk (Nowitzki), Jason Kidd, Steph Curry.”

* “Bron, to me, should be MVP because if you look at this team and what he’s done.”

The former University of Arizona star offered his take on the Rookie of the Year award, which will come down to Utah’s Donovan Mitchell or Philadelphia’s Ben Simmons.

“Donovan Mitchell is the best rookie in the NBA this year,” he said.

Finally, Jefferson explained why he believes Kyrie Irving requested to be traded from the Cavaliers last summer, a wish the team granted when it sent him to Boston on Aug. 22. Jefferson used references to former Chicago Bulls greats Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen to explain his position.

“Kyrie, it wasn’t about ‘Bron,”  Jefferson said. “Kyrie was about Kyrie achieving the most as he could as an individual player. He feels that, ‘Hey, I enjoyed the role of being a Pippen, but now it’s time for me to go be a Jordan and lead a team. You saw how great Boston was all year and how dominant they were when he was healthy. You can see he can be that guy, and he was that guy all regular season. It was just a matter of him doing it in the playoffs, which the injury didn’t allow him.”

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  1. Great post, thanks! RJ is a natural to be a speaker on TV. Very insightful guy who was a pretty dynamic player in his prime. His career took a long time to peak in the Finals with the Cavs, but he was absolutely great for them in getting the victory over the Dubs.

  2. I’m so glad I don’t have to hear Skip Bayless anymore. His anti-LeBron shtick is really old.

  3. I love RJ. The Cavs should have been far more dominant for the past 4 years. LeBron playing style and the coach adapting to that style is the root of the problem. There is no player development or team building is just give it to LeBron. If LeBron misses 20 games the team has a high lottery pick. If Kyrie misses 40 games the team get home court, the same with Harden.

  4. Someone needs to “dish” on Tristan Thompson. $82 million for what… 7 minutes in the first 4 games? If the Cavs do not “trust” Thompson, and I don’t blame them if they don’t… then why don’t they shut him down and put him in street clothes? I would much rather have Okaro White or Kendrick Perkins dressed and ready to play. Suiting up Thompson makes no sense, because TT playing is not good for anyone. If the Cavs are smart, they will trade him on draft night. In the meantime, they need to shut him down to avoid ruining what little trade value he might have left. The last thing we need is for that bum to get injured playing a few meaningless minutes, and then we are screwed and won’t be able to trade him even with the Brooklyn pick attached to his bum ass.

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