Roster move coming for Cavaliers

Cavaliers GM Koby Altman will need to make a roster move soon to get the team to the minimum of 14 players on its roster.

There will be a new face on the Cleveland Cavaliers in the coming days.

Cleveland general manager Koby Altman will need to add another player to reach the NBA-mandated 14 players (not including players on two-way deals). The Cavaliers currently have 13 players on their roster.

Per NBA rules, teams are permitted to have less than 14 players on their roster for up to two weeks before being required to get back to the minimum of 14.

The team signed G League guard Marcus Thornton to a 10-day contract in February after carrying a 13-man roster for two weeks. His deal expired overnight March 3, meaning the Cavaliers will be required to add an additional player soon.

With Kevin Love (broken hand), Larry Nance Jr. (hamstring), Tristan Thompson (ankle), Rodney Hood (back) and rookie Cedi Osman (hip) all ailing, the Cavaliers (39-29) could use a healthy body, if nothing else.

Cleveland may opt to sign a player to another 10-day deal to fill its 14th roster spot, then could wait until the regular-season schedule winds down to add one or possibly two veteran players for the playoffs.

That makes sense financially, too, as adding any player would increase the Cavaliers’ already-massive luxury-tax bill, as reported by Bobby Marks of ESPN.

3 Comments on "Roster move coming for Cavaliers"

  1. With just one player in reserve, ante zizic, taller than 6’6” in use against the trailblazers March 15 the cavaliers looked illegitimate with two non-contract players, Holland, and Perrentes. The Cavaliers have definitely lost games they would not have lost with Love, thompson, Nance, Osman, and Hood injured by not having adequate replacements. The payroll has but 13 contracts and should have 15 contract players to aide the team during a time of front court atrition. Justin hamilton, spencer Hawes, Josh McRoberts, josh Smith, andrew Bogut, roy Hibbert and other available to ease the height disadvantage created by roster depletion and inadequate replacements with holland and perrentes.

  2. Thanks for the article. I was wondering when they had to be back at 14.

  3. Whomever they pick up needs to be taller than 6’11” and physical. Bogut, Perkins, Hamilton or Hawes each brings different skills that may help. It’s a necessity for us to get out of the East because of Toronto, Washington and Philly’s size. Add the fact we have inconsistent scorers and our task will be that much tougher against talented big’s on the teams mentioned above.
    P.S. No Jeff Green, you don’t have to shoot every open three you are given and STOP flipping the ball up at the rim like a 6 foot guard when you have such great up’s and ability to finish. ATTACK THE RIM DUDE!!

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