Rumors on Nets’ Lopez won’t die for reason

Nets center Brook Lopez may or may not be on the trading block -- again.

Is Brook Lopez on the trading block?

That always seems to be the first question.

Who is interested in the Brooklyn Nets center and where might he go?

That always seems to be the next question.

According to East Coast basketball sources and a report from ESPN, the Nets have been placing and taking calls about Lopez. According to Boston Celtics president Danny Ainge, the Celtics are not involved.

Plenty of others are, though, and as always, it’s hard to tell if a deal will actually ever happen. As NetsDaily pointed out, these Lopez rumors are nothing news.

Lopez is a 7-footer and could be considered Mr. New Jersey/Brooklyn. He’s been in the league for nine seasons and the Nets are the only team he knows.

He is 28-years old and entered this season with steady career averages of 18.3 points and 7.4 rebounds. Lots of teams could use a center like Lopez. And you have to wonder why the Nets would be exploring reasons to let him go.

Well, one theory is the Nets coach Kenny Atkinson wants to play faster — and true or not, that Lopez is a plodder who keeps them from moving.

Plus, no one can deny the Nets are in rebuilding mode, and that Lopez would bring the most in return.

But Lopez is a $21.2 million hit on the Nets’ salary cap, so that means you’d better be rich and willing to take on the financial risk. Some teams hang up the phone when they think about. Others tell the Nets they’ll get back to them.

For right now, that’s as far as it goes. Eventually, though, the Lopez rumors will come true. Someone will step forward and make the right offer. Let’s just hope the Nets don’t regret it when it happens.