Former teammate: Westbrook, Durant on terrible terms

Russell Westbrook's analysis on the Thunder's loss to the visiting Cavaliers on Tuesday night was not exactly deep.

Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant “never really cared for each other” during their time together in Oklahoma City, a one-time teammate of both told Amico Hoops, and they seem to like each other even less today.

Durant has moved on to Golden State in free agency, a move that Westbrook “thinks exposed Durant as a big chicken,” the ex-teammate said.

Durant recently stressed to reporters that the Warriors are an unselfish bunch that treats each other like family.

The comments seemed innocent enough — but some outside the organization viewed them as a slight toward his former team. Or more specifically, toward Westbrook.

When learning of Durant’s take on the Warriors, Westbrook responded with a hint of agitation.

“That’s cute,” he told reporters in Oklahoma City. “My job is to worry about what’s going on here. We’re going to worry about all the selfish guys we’ve got over here, apparently.”

The former teammate of both Westbrook and Durant said he believes the recent awkwardness is not just another spin by the media.

“It’s real, and (since Durant left) the relationship has gotten worse,” the ex-teammate said. “They got along before because they sort of had to. There is no relationship now, and what is there is all bad.”

Westbrook and Durant were Thunder teammates from 2008-16. Those two, along with current Houston star James Harden, reached the NBA Finals in 2012.

But Harden was traded, Durant left on his own and only Westbrook remains with an entirely new cast.

“Russ is determined,” the former teammate said. “That’s all I really know. He’s determined to make Durant’s decision (to leave) look like a big mistake.”

Below is the clip of Westbrook’s comments from Thunder beat writer Erik Horne:

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