Sixers dangling pick in search of big man who can shoot

Hornets center Frank Kaminsky has fallen out of the rotation and is being mentioned in trade rumors.

How badly do the Philadelphia 76ers wants another shooter?

Bad enough to trade their first-round draft pick, if necessary, according to Sean Deveney of Sporting News.

It doesn’t necessarily have to be a major name either. Per Deveney, the Sixers are specifically in the market “for a big man who can shoot, along the lines of Mike Scott (Los Angeles Clippers), Frank Kaminsky (Charlotte Hornets) or Noah Vonleh (New York Knicks).

As Deveney also noted, the Sixers sent Dario Saric to the Minnesota Timberwolves in the Jimmy Butler trade, “and miss his ability to stretch the floor.”

It seems highly doubtful the Sixers would be willing to give up their first-rounder for someone like Kaminsky or Scott alone, but it could very well be part of a larger package.

The Sixers seem to have given up on the idea of moving injured guard and 2017 No. 1 overall pick Markelle Fultz, at least for now. Of course, things can always heat up once the Feb. 7 deadline gets closer.

Prior to Butler’s arrival, they seemed to be gauging the market for Fultz in search of wing help. But all that has seemingly changed, as the Sixers are clearly trying to replace, or come close to replacing, what they surrendered for Butler (Saric, forward Robert Covington).

While they are willing to part ways their own pick this summer, it doesn’t sound as if they’re willing to go much beyond that.

“Philadelphia did acquire Miami‚Äôs 2021 pick in the deal with the Suns for Mikal Bridges, but the Sixers have kept that pick out of trade discussions,” Deveney reported. “Should the Heat unravel in the next couple of years, that pick will have increased value.”

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  1. Sam, what would it take for the Sixers to give up Ben Simmons? I don’t think Embid, Simmons and Butler fit together. I don’t see them any better than first round play off losers. I would love to see the Cavs do something out of the box and make a massive play for Ben Simmons. Trade Love, Hood and Clarkson for Simmons, Fultz and Chandler’s expiring contract. Far from convinced the Sixers give up Simmons, but as I said Im not sure he fits next to Butler and Embid. Get Simmons then pray the Cavs win the lottery for Zion, that’s something for the Cavs fans to salivate over for the future. Just my thoughts.

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