Sixers owner: ‘Going to take a while’ to find new GM

Brett Brown is the interim general manager for the Sixers.

Philadelphia 76ers owner Josh Harris says it’s going to be a while before the franchise hires a new general manager.

Bryan Colangelo resigned from his post on June 7 following the Twitter fiasco he and his wife were involved in.

“I think it’s going to take a while to find the right person,” Harris said. “I hate to keep, you know, talking about it, but we really need to find the right person who can develop the special culture. It’s very consensus oriented.”

Coach Brett Brown is currently overseeing basketball operations on an interim basis while the organization looks for a new general manager.

Harris says it will be a plus if the new general manager the Sixers hire has past experience in the NBA.

“I think it will be a plus,” Harris said. “I think general manager experience and a track record is a plus. Obviously, we lived through a science project. It had it’s benefits, but we may not be able to get a former GM.”