Spurs GM Buford admits change is here

Manu Ginobili will return for his 16th NBA season, all coming with the Spurs.

Tim Duncan is retired and the San Antonio Spurs have a different feel because of it.

But general manager R.C. Buford says he’s happy at least some parts are back — and hey, the Spurs did win a lot last season. So it’s not all bad.

Per the San Antonio News-Express:

“It was a lonely summer,” Buford said. “I thought I must have made somebody mad. But I’m excited about our new group. We’ve got some really terrific people who have joined our organization and there’s a great opportunity to grow together.”

The Spurs finished 67-15 last season, losing to Oklahoma City in the second round of the playoffs. Among those returning: Kawhi Leonard, LaMarcus Aldridge and, of course, Tony Parker. The Spurs also re-signed Manu Ginobili and added Pau Gasol.

Buford did admit “we know there is a transition approaching for our organization.” But hey, at least it seems to be a slow one.