Stephen A. on LBJ: ‘Legacy tarnished forever’ if he joins Warriors

LeBron James and Kevin Durant are in the same conference for the first time.

You knew this was coming.

As soon as Chris Haynes of ESPN reported LeBron James would be willing to meet with the Golden State Warriors if, as expected, he declines his $35 million player option and becomes an unrestricted free agent this summer, Stephen A. Smith of ESPN was warming up his pipes to address it on his “First Take” television show.

2 Comments on "Stephen A. on LBJ: ‘Legacy tarnished forever’ if he joins Warriors"

  1. Amen SA….AMEN!! I think the article was B.S. and speculation quite honestly. Especially when Chris started talking about trading Thompson and Iggy. Why would Cleveland want broken down Iggy???

  2. It is amazing that ESPN controls the sports media world like they do. One of their reporters (usually Haynes or Windhorst if Cleveland related) will make these statements. And then it gets talked about by every news outlet and gives ESPN something to bang on all day long. Amazing how every outlet falls for it every single time. Amazing. Kudos for ESPN—keep running the play until they stop you. Part of it is definitely on Lebron for letting it happen compared to someone like Curry. Haynes never did have integrity in his reporting. He ripped Cavs when in Cleveland. And Windhorst doesn’t get the access since Chris Grant was fired so he puts out negative things against Gilbert to make himself feel better.

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