The film room: Newest Cavalier Okaro White

Okaro White has spent time in the NBA with the Cavaliers and Heat.

Colleague Sam Amico told gave you all the details and the data on the newest member of the Cleveland Cavaliers, Okaro White, earlier today.

What exactly does the 6-foot-8, 204-pound former Florida State University star, signed to a 10-day contract by the Cavaliers (40-29), bring to the table?

Let’s take a look at White, 25, on video during his days with the Miami Heat:

Much has been made of the Cavaliers needing help in the post, with Larry Nance Jr. (right hamstring), Tristan Thompson (right ankle) and five-time All-Star Kevin Love (left hand) all currently sidelined.

Here’s an in-depth look at White playing center for Miami, courtesy of Miami Heat Beat.

According to former NBA executive Bobby Marks, now of ESPN, adding White to the roster will be a costly move for Cleveland.

4 Comments on "The film room: Newest Cavalier Okaro White"

  1. Thanks for posting, knew nothing about this player but it was funny to see D Thrill cheering Okaro on from the bench in Miami. Looks athletic. Interesting signing. I guess D Thrill is signed somewhere.

  2. Okaro white is the player who collided with andrew bogut last year causing a fractured shin or ankle for bogut after playing about 54 seconds for the cavaliers.

  3. I can’t understand all the gripping about bodies when you have two roster spots open.
    Signing Okaro for 10-day contract is nice and like it.
    I do think they need to start really looking at another big as things move forward. I can see a Bigs playoff rotation of Nance, Love and possibly TT. But I feel TT this year is a major problem even with the 2nd unit. His offensive limit of just cutting off picks isn’t enough.
    A serious look at another big who could bring as much as TT (Rebounding / Defense) has in the past is going to be needed come playoff time.
    A look at Jared Sullinger may work with the 2nd Unit especially as another option to Love & Nance. Sullinger is currently averaging 30pts 16Reb 1.42Blks while shooting 35% from 3 in China. He does have an NBA Career Average – 10pts / 7reb per game. Played well with Bostons until he got out of shape and injured.
    He looks much slimmer now and has playoff experience! Why not give him another chance at the NBA. A big that can play down lown and hit an open jumper while rebounding with the energy of the 2nd Unit wouldn’t look that bad.

    • I agree. I’d rather see them bring in young energy guys than washed-up has-beens. Let’s see what the guy can do. And amen on Sullinger too! Thanks for the thoughts. – Sam

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