Trade talk: Report says Cavs willing to move Thompson

With the Cleveland Cavaliers struggling mightily, not win games, but to simply be competitive in them, at this point, it comes as no surprise trade rumors have been ignited.

The latest comes from Shams Charania of Yahoo Sports, who reported the Cavaliers would be wiling to include Tristan Thompson. Per his report:

As teams pick up trade activity before the trade deadline, the Cavaliers are shaping up to be perhaps the most fascinating contending team.

They have two first-round draft picks — including the heralded Brooklyn Nets’ selection via the (Kyrie) Irving trade — but the superstar player whom the franchise could pursue with that pick has not been made available.

Multiple NBA teams have cited Tristan Thompson as an asset Cleveland is willing to move in the right deal, such as one for the Los Angeles Clippers’ DeAndre Jordan.

Nevertheless, the superstar talent of Oklahoma City’s Paul George or New Orleans’ DeMarcus Cousins, each deserving of that Nets first-rounder, won’t see the light in this trade market as of right now, league sources said, as those teams are fully focused on winning with each respective player.

Thompson, 26, missed six weeks with a strained calf and has been working his way back into top playing shape.

While the Cavaliers (25-16) have hit the skids, Thompson has made small strikes as of late.

In his las four games, contests in which Cleveland has gone 1-3, Thompson has averaged 8.0 points and 8.5 rebounds in 22.2 minutes per game.

The 6-foot-9, 238-pounder out of the University of Texas, Thompson is making $16,400,000 this season and is owed $17,469,565 in 2018-19 and $18,539,130 in 2019-20.

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