Wade all smiles on first day back with Heat

Dwyane Wade had a press conference with the Miami media Friday, his first day back as a member of the Miami Heat.

The 36-year-old future Hall of Famer, who spent the first 13 seasons of his career as a member of the Heat, was traded back home by the Cleveland Cavaliers on Thursday.

Courtesy of the Miami Herald, here’s everything Wade had to say (video link):

▪ On how he found out he was being traded:

“So, about 11:45 a.m. I left my house. I was headed into the practice gym in Cleveland. It was all day before we traveled so I was going to get some work in. And about 12 o’clock I got a text from my agent Leon Rose said ‘Calling me 9-1-1.’ I haven’t gotten a lot ‘911 call me now’ messages on the trade deadline throughout my career. So I knew it was something.”

▪ On what agent Leon Rose told him:

“At first, it was the possibility of [the trade]. He told me about the conversation from Cleveland’s side. He said it was a conversation, something that was being talked about. Obviously, I had to agree to it. And I definitely agreed to it. Then it went from there. From there, it was just kind of waiting to see how everything worked out and played [out]. So I decided to go and finish my day until I found out. Actually, it was just me and LeBron [James] at the practice gym. We had lunch planned. So I said, ‘Well, since it finally happened and I’m going to Miami, let’s go have this last bad lunch. Because I’ve got to do body fat tomorrow.’ Let me go enjoy this food. I kind of had a sendoff lunch. And then I got on a plane and came here.”

▪ On his thought process Thursday night when he landed and got off the plane:

“I don’t know. Still now, everything is still working itself through my mind and body. But definitely landing and seeing familiar faces was more kind of more of — ‘OK, this is a little bit more real.’ I think every step of the way, it’s becoming a little bit more real. Walking in here this morning going to the trainers and then seeing my teammates come in, it’s all just happening fast. But I was definitely shocked. At the same time, I was over-the-moon excited. So I definitely had a lot of different emotions. But it’s all working itself through my body right now.”