Wade wants to be part of ownership group after retirement

Dwyane Wade wants to own an NBA team after his playing days are finished.

As what is most likely his farewell tour winds down on what will be a Hall-of-Fame career, Dwyane Wade is looking to the future.

What the 13-time All-Star sees is owning an NBA team. The Miami Heat would be his preference, but owner Micky Arison has given no indication he wants to sell.

Meaning, Wade might have to settle for a minority-ownership deal if that is his only avenue toward ownership. Regardless, the three-time NBA champion wants to play a part in personnel decisions, he tells Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald.

“You want to learn that side,” Wade said of learning ropes as part of a franchise braintrust. “You want to be a continued part of helping the game grow. For me, I would love to be a continued part of helping this organization grow.”

Wade revealed he would not have to have the final say on personnel decisions, saying he would not want to have that “pressure” on him.

“Right now, you just want to get your feet wet,” Wade said of his willingness to grow into a front-office rile. “I’m definitely open to seeing what the possibilities are and go from there.”

Wade said he intends to reach out to Hornets owner Michael Jordan and Lakers president of basketball operations Magic Johnson to talk about what goes into being part of an ownership group, adding he has spoken to Heat teammate Udonis Haslem in regard to owning an NBA team.

“Our conversations have been more about owning a team, not owning this team,” Haslem said. “That would be amazing. I would never thought I would be owning Subways, Starbucks and Einsteins, so who’s to say that would be out of my cards?

“It’s definitely possible.”