Warriors’ Durant says no beef with Westbrook

Kevin Durant of the Warriors responded to Clint Capela's boats that the Houston Rockets are "better" than the Warriors.

Kevin Durant left Oklahoma City for Golden State in free agency, and many assumed it created some serious tension with Thunder star Russell Westbrook.

It didn’t, according to Durant in an extensive interview with USA Today.

“It just shows the way of the world right now. Like, a beef? Bro, I don’t beef with nobody,” Durant said. “I’ve seen beefs go the wrong way. We’ve all seen it. The wrong way — real life wrong way, so you can’t say beef around me. I’m not into no basketball beef.

“Where me or Russ comes from (Seat Pleasant, Md. and Los Angeles, respectively), beef — you don’t just throw that word around like that. We have a miscommunication going on between a lot of people, a lot of assumptions –you can say that. But a beef? Nah, there ain’t no beef man.”

Durant wasn’t finished.

“I’m living my life. He’s living his,” he said. “He’s doing his job. I’m doing mine. It’s unnecessary that you have a poll about what they’re going to say when they see each other. That’s what little kids do at the lunch table at elementary school. Like, c’mon man.

“Everybody’s going to say I’m ranting or I need to shut up, but you’re asking me these questions so obviously I’m going to answer them as well as I can … I ain’t got no beef with nobody.”

Durant’s comments conflict a report from Amico Hoops in which a Thunder teammate said the two are on “terrible” terms.

Good terms, bad terms, who cares? Durant and the Warriors host Westbrook and the Thunder on Thursday. Most fans will focused on who wins the game — and not care beyond that. And that’s the way it should be.

Former teammate: Westbrook, Durant on terrible terms

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