Warriors may offer Durant a ‘delayed’ sign-and-trade option

Warriors star Kevin Durant has the ability to enter free agency this summer if he so desires.

The Golden State Warriors are contemplating a “delayed sign-and-trade” scenario with Kevin Durant that allow Durant to be traded once his ruptured his Achilles’ tendon heals and bring back assets to the Warriors, according to Brian Windhorst of ESPN.

Durant is eligible to opt out an test unrestricted free agency this summer, though the fact he is expected to miss all of next season may have altered those plans.

Durant can also opt in then try free agency again next summer.

Along with that Durant could sign a five-year, $220 million deal with the Warriors, or about $57 million more than he could get in four years with another team.

“Let him rehab and then work with him to be traded,” Windhorst said on ESPN’s Get Up. “Potentially to New York, potentially to somewhere else. Be their way to sort of take care of him monetarily after what he just went through and also protect the franchise to get some assets.

“If that happens, the Knicks would be in tremendous position to get back into it because they’re going to have these young assets plus cap space.”

Windhorst added the Warriors have promised Durant they are willing to help facilitate a trade to another organization if he so desires.

Along with Durant, All-Star guard Klay Thompson (ACL) is expected to miss at least most of next regular season.

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  1. I don’t think Durrant owes the Warriors a plug nickel. Durrant handed them two titles against the Cavs. Find your team YOU want to go to now and get better for the following season. I simply do not trust the Warriors organization to do the right thing with players.

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