Warriors’ Curry doesn’t think humans have been on moon

Warriors guard Steph Curry thinks the whole "humans on the moon" thing is a fake

Forget all the proof that suggests otherwise, Golden State Warriors star and one of the faces of the NBA — Steph Curry — made a rather startling pronouncement about the humans having been on the moon.

He thinks it has yet to happen.

Yes Curry, who has been a huge part of the Warriors three NBA titles in the past four seasons, was a guest on today’s episode of Kent Bazemore and Vince Carter’s Winging It podcast, and out of nowhere stated that he thinks the whole ‘humans on the moon’ thing is a fraud.

The exchange between Curry and the hosts comes at the 46-minute mark of the podcast. While it’s a bit hard to hear as there’s some talking over each other, the discussion turns to the moon landing, and almost everyone goes to say that we’ve all never been there.

Curry comes out and says, “They’re gonna come get us. I don’t think so either.”

Just to make sure the hosts heard Curry correctly, co-host Annie Finberg asks Curry, “You don’t think so?” Curry quickly replies “Nuh uh.”

“You gotta do the research on Stanley Kubrick,” Bazemore says, maybe trying to defuse the subject matter, already knowing what a juicy tidbit Curry said on the show.

Of course Curry isn’t the only one with a rather outlandish stance on a world history subject, as Boston Celtics guard Kyrie Irving is in the court of thinking that the world is flat.

Irving came out and apologized for the comment, it will be interesting to see if after some backlash that’s bound to come his way if Curry does the same.