What you need to know about 12th Cricket World Cup and game itself

Cricket fans have a significant event taking place this year in England and Wales from 30 May to 14 July – the twelfth edition of the ICC Cricket World Cup. The location of the tournament is important, since Britain is hosting it first time in 20 years. But because the Cricket World Cup is organized once in four years, England was a host to it only 4 championships ago, which is a fairly recent past.

It is hoped, then, that the country still retains a fresh memory of the 1999 tournament and will organize a spectacular event as it did then and on three earlier occasions in 1975, 1979, and 1983. This year, at the Cricket World Cup, there will be ten teams: England, South Africa, India, Australia, New Zealand, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Shri Lanka, Afghanistan, and West Indies.

The ten competing teams are a considerable decrease from the previous World Cups in 2011 and 2015 that featured 14 teams. All of the ten teams this year will take part in a round-robin group stage. The best four teams out of these ten will reach the semi-finals, which will take place in Old Trafford, Manchester and Edgbaston, Birmingham. The winners of the semi-finals will compete on the 14th of July at Lord’s in London.

There are other unusual features of the ICC Cricket World Cup in 2019, in addition to the shrunken number of the playing teams. For the first time in the sport history, the World Cup will be contested without all of the Test playing nations being present. And when all the Associate teams become eliminated at the qualifying tournament, the 2019 Cricket World Cup will also be the first tournament in history to have no Associate members. But even without Associate members, spectators will enjoy 48 matches in total across eleven venues.

In each of these venues, there will be built coffee shops and playgrounds to accommodate millions of spectators expected to attend the cricket matches. Even more people are expected to watch the ICC Cricket World Cup streamed online or broadcast on TV. Such sport broadcasting networks as Star Sports, SKY, Fox Sports, and Willow TV, among others, will be distributing the cricket games to a global audience. The tournament’s anticipated popularity also guarantees that the Cricket World Cup betting is going to be intense this year.  

Indeed, during the championship, wagering on the games’ outcomes is predicted to hit all-time highs, far surpassing investments that are large enough even during regular cricket matches. Thus, in India, the betting market is worth Rs 3,000 crore, of which cricket has an 80 percent share.

Bets worth $200 million are placed every time the Indian team plays a One Day International, while every match in Indian Premiere League draws in more than $100 million.  Overall, Indian sport fans illegally wager £400 million on cricket every year.

Australia is also known for placing impressive amounts of money on cricket games. Several years ago, Australian people bet 600 million on Big Bash Games in 2014. Even more spectacularly they wagered whooping $47.6 million on one game alone, when Perth Scorches beat Hobart Hurricanes in Perth on the 7th of January. On the match between Sydney Thunder and Brisbane Heat, sport lovers placed a slightly smaller but equally astonishing amount of $42.8 million.

In Britain, which is a leader in sports betting among European countries, online sports betting turnover annually reaches around £20 billion. Although betting on football comprises 40 percent of all wagers placed on sports, which is about £8 billion, a lot of money is invested into cricket as well. According to the latest statistics, around £626 are being placed on sports in the United Kingdom every second.  The stakes are expected to become even higher this summer, when the ten cricket teams will compete for the World Cup.

If you are unfamiliar with cricket but do not want to miss an opportunity to make money during the tournament this summer, in the space below, we are explaining what this game is and what different formats of it exist. Without this basic explanation, your betting on cricket will bring you losses instead of financial gain.

If you have never been interested in cricket, you should know that cricket is a game played between two teams comprising eleven members. Yet, unlike other team sports such as football or hockey, where the outcome of the match depends on players’ cooperation, there seems to be much less interaction among the eleven team members in cricket.  When you watch a cricket game, you gain an impression that it is a combat between an individual batsman and an individual bowler, who has helpers called fielders. The bowler shoots the cricket ball from one end of the 22-yard pitch.

His aim is to dismiss the batsman by hitting a target – a wicket – at the other end. The bowler can also try to dismiss the batsman by causing him to hit the ball into the air or by some other tactics.  

On his part, the batsman needs to defend the wicket with the bat and, in so doing, score runs by sending the ball to the boundaries of the field. The ball should fly sufficiently far from the fielders to let the batsman run to the other end of the pitch before it is returned. Note that there are two batsmen on the field during the game. They take turns from different ends of the field. The teams’ roles become reversed, when only one batting team remains, while others have been dismissed. The reversal of the roles also happens after a specified period, known as innings. As a rule, in both teams, all the players required to bat do this once or twice. The team that accumulates more runs wins.

There are three formats of cricket: Test Cricket, One Day International (ODI), and T20. Test Cricket is the longest, lasting up to 5 days. It is a four-innings match played by eleven team members with a red leather ball. Traditionally, test matches are played during day time, from the morning till the evening.

Yet recently, sport authorities have introduced an innovatory form of the test match, played from the afternoon till the deep night with a pink ball. The first day-night test was played in 2015, when Australia and New Zealand competed against each other in Adelaide.

One Day International is a limited overs format of cricket. An innings here lasts fifty overs or, alternatively, till the time a batting side is dismissed, depending on which of them happens earlier. The team that scores maximum runs during its 50 overs wins. If both teams score the same number of runs, the game ends in a tie.  

The shortest format of cricket is T20. A match in this format lasts for a maximum of 20 overs. Played for a short period of time, between 3 and 4 hours, it is the most popular cricket format.

Fans also enjoy T20, because, despite the shortness of this format, they still witness many actions such as fours, sixes, and wickets.

In addition to understanding the specificity of the cricket game, you also need to arm yourself with good betting strategies in order to win money during the upcoming Cricket World Cup. Equipped with profound knowledge of this sport and betting strategies, you will be able not only to enjoy the tournament but also to reap a handsome profit in the process.