Where might Cavs’ Korver land should trade occur?

Cavaliers swingman Kyle Korver remains one of pro basketball's top perimeter marksmen.

When it comes to being bought out or traded, perhaps no player is as discussed as Cleveland Cavaliers sharpshooter Kyle Korver.

So where might the veteran wing land should a trade/contract buyout take place? How about the Philadelphia 76ers, Oklahoma City Thunder or Los Angeles Lakers?

At least, those are the three teams listed by Jordan Greer of the Sporting News.

Let’s start with the Sixers. Korver began his career in Philly and the team could clearly use more outside shooting to go alongside the likes of Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons.

“Imagine Korver and JJ Redick running around the floor with Simmons driving down the lane or Embiid posting up on the block,” Greer wrote. “Deciding whether to help or stay home would consistently put opposing defense in tough positions.”

OK, what about OKC, where Korver would be team up with talents such as Russell Westbrook and Paul George? Korver would fit well, Greer opined, as the Thunder have the worst 3-point percentage in the league.

“Insert Korver, a career 43.1 percent shooter from deep,” Greer wrote. “His gravity could shift defenses and make life easier for Russell Westbrook. Plus, OKC’s defense has enough length and athleticism to cover for Korver on that end.”

Finally, everyone knows you have to surround LeBron James with shooters — and the Lakers don’t exactly have an abundance of players who fit that description. Far from it.

Korver would give them another veteran, and it would likely only help that Korver is a veteran who has some experience playing off James.

“Last season with the Cavs, James totaled 89 assists to Korver, making him the second-highest recipient of LeBron assists behind only Kevin Love (139),” Greer wrote. “Those assists came on nearly half the number of passes to Love, so when James found Korver, there was a good chance a shot was coming.”

Greer is right. You have to believe Korver and the Cavs will be parting ways at some before the trade deadline in February.

Where he ends up is about the only thing that remains to be discovered.