Will Durant remain with Warriors after this season, after all?

Warriors star and free-agent-to-be Kevin Durant has repeatedly been linked to the Knicks.

Despite the early-season buzz suggesting Kevin Durant will opt out of his contract and move on from the Golden State Warriors, one insider predicts Durant will return for at least one more run.

That would be no less than Marc Stein of the New York Times, who believes the Warriors’ All-Star forward will give his current team another run in 2019-20.

“Only Durant truly knows what he wants — and there is no shortage of signals in circulation to suggest that the Knicks have a real chance of convincing him to walk away from the Warriors in July,” Stein wrote in his latest newsletter.

“Lots, though, can happen over the next six months. So I’m stubbornly clinging to my membership in the camp that believes that the Silicon Valley-loving Durant will ultimately be swayed to spend one season in the Warriors’ sparkly new Chase Center in San Francisco before moving onto his next challenge in July 2020.”

That’s not all.

Stein also predicted that another Warriors star and free-agent-to-be, Klay Thompson, will stay put — and even suggested that All-Star center DeMarcus Cousins may even do the same.

Worst of all for all you Golden Haters, Stein projected a third title in three years is on its way.

“Sorry, friends,” he wrote. “The Warriors will ultimately haul themselves out of their regular-season malaise to win a fourth championship in five seasons. Book it.”