Will Gilbert give James a no-trade clause this summer?

Since returning to the Cleveland Cavaliers in 2014, LeBron James has had a no-trade clause in all of his contracts.

No matter how this season ends, James is expected to become a free agent in the summer and there are some around the league who believe his no-trade clause will be a sticking point with owner Dan Gilbert.

According to a report from Bleacher Report, Gilbert might not offer James a no-trade clause this offseason.

Gilbert reportedly wants to be in charge of everything, as does LeBron.

Via Howard Beck:

“Across the league, it’s virtually an article of faith that if James leaves the Cavs again, it will be primarily because of the fractured relationship with Gilbert. LeBron wants to be in charge of everything, which is what puts him at odds with Dan, one source said. Dan wants to be in charge of everything, the source added.

“The belief is that Gilbert, having reasserted control after chasing out David Griffin, will rebuff James’ request for a no-trade clause, or any other measures that give him leverage. And that will be enough to drive James away. ‘Dan Gilbert’s not going to do what it takes to keep him,’ the same source predicted. ‘Not a chance in hell he’s going to give him a no-trade clause, or let him dictate contract terms.'”

No one knows what LeBron is going to do this summer. The King has been on record saying he’s focused on leading the Cavs back to the Finals this year and will handle all his free agency stuff when the time comes.

Until then, there will be just more speculation from various people as to what James will do.




3 Comments on "Will Gilbert give James a no-trade clause this summer?"

  1. Thanks for the article, AM. Things are definitely coming to a head with the Cavaliers, LeBron and Dan Gilbert. It’s going to be very weird and uncanny to watch the whole drama play out. The World’s Biggest Egos are about to go all Clash of the Titans on each other. Should be fun to watch!

  2. No way I’d give him a no trade clause. DG has been bullied for too long. Time to establish control & stop letting the inmate run the asylum. Tired of this guy holding everybody hostage. Grow up 23 commit or get. His contract will be rough pill to swallow the last 2 or 3 years think deadweight Kobe at the end.

  3. Lebron james has nearly 15 years nba experience and has been the best player in the world for greater than one decade. This type of player is entitled to the respect and veneration that sets himsef apart from other players. James has earned the right to have a no trade clause in his contract. Any team fortunate enough to sign him will not refuse to sign the contract as a result of insistance upon a no trade clause by james.

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