Wojnarowski, Charania to tweet picks before they’re announced

The heavy-hitters of basketball journalism won’t be holding back.

Instead, Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN and Shams Charania of The Athletic and Stadium will be tweeting the NBA Draft picks Thursday before commissioner Adam Silver announces them on television, as relayed by Andrew Marchand of the New York Post.

This is nothing new, of course, except for the fact ESPN is the channel that televises the draft. So Wojnarowski will be scooping his own network.

Last year, Wojnarowski only sort of reported the picks before Silver announced them, coming up with creative ways to inform the public of who was about to be drafted — without downright saying it.

This time, everyone can find out on twitter first.

“On draft night, you are reporting about trades, undrafted free agents signings,” Charania told Marchand. “For me, it is just another reporting topic.”

Marc Stein of the New York Times also will play this game, and the fact he did it so well last season is likely what brought Wojnarowski back into the fold.

Of course, everyone is aware that tipping off picks before they’re announced can aggravate fans who are following along on Twitter. But the reporters will tell you their job is to report information when that information becomes available. Speed, they believe, is of the essence.

“I see the tweets that come from viewers who believe that the tipping of picks ruins the broadcast for them and I am sympathetic to it,” Stein said. “But there are also folks in the audience who don’t want to wait.

“The obligation here is to the reader/viewer/listener/etc. If there is a segment of the audience that wants this information as fast as we can get it to them, we should try to provide it.”

Draft coverage, on TV that is, tips off at 7 p.m. EST.