Youngster asks Kings’ Shumpert why he doesn’t play

Former Cavalier Iman Shumpert, now of the Kings, was asked by a youngster why he doesn't play anymore, and he took to Instagram to explain.

Before being traded to Sacramento by the Cleveland Cavaliers hours before the NBA trade deadline, Iman Shumpert’s season had been pretty much limited to deadline with one injury after another.

After having knee surgery in November, Shumpert played five minutes in one game for the Cavaliers back on Jan. 23.

Since Feb. 8, when the Kings acquired Shumpert from Cleveland, the swingman has not played.

a screenshot of a cell phone: File Photo

That prompted a kid to ask Shumpert why he doesn’t play anymore, so Shumpert put out a statement on his Instagram Story, reminding everyone he has been dealing with another injury, going on to say the only reason he’s been out as long as he has is because he kept trying to return to the court too soon.

“I LOVE TO HOOP,” Shumpert wrote. “Perception is everything nowadays. If I don’t post in a jersey … they think I don’t love the game.”

Shumpert is going to be part of a reality show with Teyana Taylor, “Teyana & Iman,” which will premiere on VH1 on March 26.