Amico: Cavaliers aggressive in trying to land more draft picks

Cavaliers general manager made three first-round selections in Thursday's NBA Draft.

For the Cavaliers, two first-round draft picks may not be nearly enough.

General manager Koby Altman may go for three. Or maybe stick with two and add an early second-rounder. Or maybe even more second-rounders.

According to several opposing GMs, Altman and the Cavs have made it clear — they intend to secure more young talent this offseason. The best way to do that is through the draft. Today, they own the Nos. 5 and 26 overall selections, and that’s it. The draft is June 20.

So how do you get more picks? Well, by offering a little something in return. For instance, if you’re Altman, you may tell an opposing GM that you will give him exiled shooting guard J.R. Smith and take back a “bad” contract in return — provided their is a pick involved.

The Miami Heat are one team that are said to have an interest in such a deal. The Heat are also exploring the idea of trading Dion Waiters and a few others, but if the Cavs want the Heat’s No. 13 pick, they’d probably have to take back someone along the lines of Ryan Anderson.

Like Smith, Anderson’s best years are behind him and he’s still owed lots of money.

But that is all just to make a point, not any real inside information. The point is, if the Cavs want another first-rounder, they’ll likely to have to sacrifice. That may mean taking back money they don’t really want.

Still, they have made it clear they’re just fine with that. As one opposing GM told Amico Hoops, “As difficult as it can be for ownership, it’s easier to shed a bad contract (with a buyout, etc.) than find young talent who can be a major part of things for a long time.”

In other words, the Cavs will continue to do what’s necessary to find those types of young players.

An easier solution may be trading for a second-rounder. That way, you can draft a player and, if necessary, keep him overseas for a while. (Think current Cavs wing Cedi Osman.) There is no guaranteed money involved until you actually sign a second-round pick. First-rounders are on the books for three years.

If you draft a foreign player such as Osman in the second round, then you’re really relying on other people (his overseas team) to pay him while he develops.

Basically, the options are limitless when it comes to the Cavs and the draft. They want in and plenty of other teams want out — especially later in the first round. It is believed that every pick from 21-30 is available — excluding the one belonging to the Cavs at No. 26, of course.

Will Altman and the Cavs work out a deal to land any of them? Maybe. If not, it seems like it won’t be for a lack of trying.

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  1. It’s too bad we didn’t have a contract or cap space to go with JR’s to pull off the Net’s trade. That 17th pick would have been great for the Cavs to get a more talented player in the draft.

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