Marks: Cavs shouldn’t move Brooklyn pick

Cavaliers General Manager should not consider putting the much-coveted unprotected first-round draft pick of the Brooklyn Nets on the table as a bargaining chip, says former NBA GM Bobby Marks.

The combination of the NBA’s trade deadline approaching and a recent stretch of sad-sack performances on the floor has many who follow the Cleveland Cavaliers speculating on what potential moves to consider.

A consensus seems to support first-year general manager Koby Altman basically saying, “Anything short of LeBron James” in potential trade talk. (For the record, James cannot be dealt, anyway. He has a full no-trade clause in his contract).

That includes putting the unprotected first-round pick of the Brooklyn Nets on the table. That much-coveted pick was acquired from Boston along with Isaiah Thomas, Jae Crowder, Ante Zizic and a the 2020 second-round pick of Miami as part of the Kyrie Irving mega deal on Aug. 22.

Our own Sam Amico opined on how much Cleveland values that pick and yours truly did so here.

However, not so fast on using that Brooklyn pick, which would be the eighth overall selection if the draft was held today, says Bobby Marks of ESPN.

In an Insider piece, Marks, a former NBA general manager of the Nets, writes the Cavaliers (26-16) should absolutely not have the Brooklyn pick on the table.

“The potential of an impact player in a strong June draft should outweigh what Cleveland could obtain on the trade market,” Marks writes.

Marks doubled down on the Cavaliers not using the Brooklyn pick as a chip to upgrade its present roster… with one huge caveat.

“Unless LeBron James is willing to commit long term before the Feb. 8 deadline,” Marks writes, “Cleveland should put the Brooklyn pick in a vault and lose the combination.”

The NBA trade deadline is Feb. 8.

4 Comments on "Marks: Cavs shouldn’t move Brooklyn pick"

  1. LeBron leaves, team will tank anyways. Why not go for a championship? Browns have a lot of picks.

  2. Aurora Dizon | January 13, 2018 at 11:37 pm |

    Did you ask Lebron’s permission to trade TT and JR, if another team accepts them.

  3. I agree with this. Would consider trading it if LeBron commits. Trade their own pick, no pronlem. I would hesitate to trade Cedi. He’s one of the guys that gets after it. If anything give him more time on the court.

  4. That is ridiculous to keep that nets draft pick next season because the cavaliers will be a lousy team with or without that draf pick yet a dramatic positive impact trade to acquire deandre jordan for thompson, crowder and the nets draft pick may invigorate the cavaliers improving their chances of a successful season. Remember when irving and thompson were selected 1 and 4 they lost 26 consecutive games with these neophytes and never won more than 33 games with these two. The year james went to miami the cavaliers had no first round draft pick and had a better won loss record than the next year when they had draft picks 1 and 4. If a team has a chance for a world title throw caution to the wind in an all out effort to strive for the ultimate goal cause that may not occur again.

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