Bontemps: No fixing ‘broken’ Cavaliers now

Kevin Love's broken hand means the Cavaliers can't be "fixed," in the opinion of one NBA insider.

The same NBA insider who wrote a story with the headline, “The Cavaliers are broken. They should make all four of these trades to get on track” last week doesn’t see a way to save their season now.

Tim Bontemps of the Washington Post believes there is nothing Cleveland can do, having now lost All-Star big man Kevin Love for up to two months because of a broken left hand suffered in a loss at Detroit on Tuesday.

He writes:

“With Love likely out for the better part of two months, how will Cleveland react between now and the Feb. 8 deadline? That will be one of the big questions to watch between now and then.

“For a Cleveland team that already seemed like it could use an infusion of talent by next week’s trade deadline — if for no other reason than to change the chemistry of a locker room that’s had internal issues bubble over into the public sphere in recent days — one would think that the injury to Love would only increase their desire to make a move.

“The problem for the Cavaliers is that one of their big pieces to move — Channing Frye and his expiring contract — suddenly now has more value to a team that only really has two viable bigs at the moment: Frye and newly reinstalled starting center Tristan Thompson.

“Regardless of how Cleveland reacts, it’s safe to say the last thing this team needed was for Love to go down for an extended period of time.

“So much for the Cavaliers righting the ship anytime soon.”

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  1. I hate these half ass articles. Click bait

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