Bulls’ Parker says he has thoughts of joining Jazz

Jabari Parker signed a two-year contract with the Bulls in free agency over the summer.

Chicago Bulls forward Jabari Parker got a rare chance to play in a road loss to the Utah Jazz on Saturday and Parker says he wouldn’t mind signing on with that very opponent.

“Yeah, I have. I already have a home here, and I visit here frequently,” Parker responded when asked if he has thought of joining the Jazz, via Mike Sorenson of The Deseret News.

Parker signed a two-year deal with the Bulls over the summer. Only one year is guaranteed and that salary is worth $20 million each season.

He has since been sent to the bench by coach Jim Boylen. The Bulls are looking to trade Parker and he wants to be traded.

It’s a strange situation, because Boylen will still occasionally play Parker. Offensively, Parker typically does well.

But the Bulls reportedly are not fans of his defense or overall effort. It’s a breakup that has all the makings of a real-life divorce — there’s the Bulls’ story, there’s Parker’s story and the truth is likely somewhere in between.

Either way, it’s not known if the Jazz are interested in Parker. As member of the Church of Latter-Day Saints, Parker already owns a home in Salt Lake City.

He is generating interest from other teams, but not enough for those teams to act quickly. The former No. 2 overall draft pick has been available for more than a month.

“I’m just keeping good perspective doing what I can to control my attitude, and my performance just always staying positive,” Parker told reporters.



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