It’s about time for Cavs to move on from Billups

Chauncey Billups reportedly is headed to the Clippers as a part-time television analyst.

What’s the point?

Why are the Cleveland Cavaliers waiting around on Chauncey Billups?

What is taking so long?

Has Cavs owner Dan Gilbert even offered Billups the job of the team’s top basketball executive? And if so, has Billups come up with some sort of counter-offer?

And why has Billups seemingly been the only candidate since former general manager David Griffin parted ways with the team nearly two weeks ago?

What has Billups ever done?

OK, he won a championship as a player with an overachieving Detroit Pistons team in 2004, and that was indeed impressive.

But what about his experience as a GM or president of basketball operations?

Billups has none. So what is making the Cavs behave as if they are so enamored with the guy?

These are questions the fans want to know. They are questions the fans deserve to know.

Only right now, there are no answers, and the ones that are sometimes suggested make little sense.


Billups is a sharp, well-spoken man. He’s liked by the players and respected by the media. The first part would help in the area of recruiting. That’s huge. The second part would help with the team’s image.

The second part is huge, too. Just ask the Golden State Warriors. Their players and coaches are always accessible and very quotable, and on top of being really good, perhaps no team in sports history has received such favorable coverage.

That makes things easier. Really, it does.

More accurately, when the media constantly paints a picture of drama and discord within the locker room, whether it’s accurate or not, drama and discord can often ensue.

But Billups has the kind of charisma, the kind of friendly demeanor that can win the hearts of reporters and free agents alike.

So there is no question he would bring some valuable qualities to the Cavs’ front office.

They’re just not qualities on which you should keep waiting … and waiting … and waiting some more. So why do the Cavs keep doing it?


Billups is currently an ESPN studio analyst. He knows the game, the players and all the important names.

If he’s hesitant about taking the Cavs job, it’s easy to understand why. He has a cushy TV gig. Do you really want to give up that for the high-profile and often unforgiving position of LeBron James’ GM?

Maybe, if the money is right. And maybe, if the job description is a fit.

But maybe not.

Perhaps all of that is what Billups is deciding right now — as he continues on with his cushy TV gig and life as a retired player in Ice Cube’s 3-on-3 league.

That’s fine. Billups should take all the time the Cavs give him.

This truly is squarely on the Cavs. They need to tell Billups that time is up.

He either needs to take the job as it has been presented, or the Cavs need to move on. Dragging it on like this has been a bad look.

The Cavs don’t need bad looks right now. They need to build a championship roster. And if Billups doesn’t want to do it, at least 50 other qualified people would gladly take the job.


Who is running things for the Cavs? That’s the other thing fans keep asking.

Worse, it seems to be what a lot of players are also asking during these key weeks of free agency.

The best answer: Assistant GM Koby Altman, and quite honestly, Gilbert.

Now, there is nothing wrong with the assistant GM and owner handling things.

But perhaps letting the fans know what is going on with the front office, and reassuring them that things are not in shambles, would be a good business move. Because frankly, the fans are dying to know the state of the product they love and feverishly support.

Mostly, it’s time for the Cavs to open up their search for the next man in charge of basketball operations — and yes, Altman’s name should be included in that search.

As for Billups, well, his name can be included, too. But the Cavs and Billups have had nearly two weeks to put him in the team’s biggest basketball chair.

If that job and that job alone is not something Billups has found inspiring by now, then the Cavs should move on, and they should not wait another minute. They should do it today.

3 Comments on "It’s about time for Cavs to move on from Billups"

  1. aurora dizon | July 3, 2017 at 3:01 am |

    I agree with you. Maybe he really does not like the job because Lebron is leaving. He wants an easy, sure thing job where his reputation will be good if they win a championship. Why do you get a manager that does want to work hard and face the challenges. He is weak like Cavaliers players, soft. Look at warriors, they have thugs who are good players.

  2. aurora dizon | July 3, 2017 at 3:02 am |

    Wrong typing, a manager who does not want to work hard.

  3. Disappointed Cavs Fan! | July 3, 2017 at 9:47 am |

    It’s reaching the point of embarrassment! If it’s true Billups has asked for the ability to “commute” and do the job then Dan needs to move on, open his wallet and hire the highest regarded GM or President candidate available.

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