Clippers’ Rivers calls Griffin talk ‘bogus’

Blake Griffin is not expected to be in uniform for the Pistons against the Cavaliers tonight in Detroit.

Doc Rivers will tell you the Blake Griffin-to-Celtics buzz is one big joke. Or at least, Rivers joked about them.

Rivers is the coach and big basketball decision-maker for the Clippers, Griffin the star power forward. Griffin has also been the focus of several trade rumors.

One report has him potentially heading to the Thunder. Another says he could land with, yes, the Celtics. And if they ever put a team on the moon, you can bet Griffin’s name will be mentioned.

“The rumors are so bogus,” Rivers told reporters at the ABCD Hoop Dreams fundraiser in Boston. “That’s the problem. If the rumors had any truth to them, it would be hard to go to your player and say that there is no truth to them. Because I will never lie.”

As for the rumors involving Griffin and the Celtics specifically, Rivers didn’t budge.

“We figured that was one of you [media] guys starting it here in Boston,” he joked.

So is Griffin a Clipper for life?

Well, who knows? But if you listen to Rivers, Griffin is at least a Clipper for now, and that’s no joke.