Frazier: Don’t expect LeBron to rescue Knicks

LeBron James isn't likely to point toward the Knicks in free agency, Walt Frazier says.

New York Knicks legend Walt Frazier says Cleveland Cavaliers star LeBron James is “hell-bent on winning titles.”

In other words, assuming James enters free agency in July, don’t expect the Knicks to be one of the spots he considers, Frazier told SportsNet New York.

“I think if he was coming he would’ve come the first time,” Frazier said. “Now I don’t see him coming to New York. He’s hell-bent on winning titles. Right now I think the Knicks are situated like they’re two, three years away.”

Frazier, 73, won two championships as a star point guard with the Knicks (1970, ’73). He actually ended his career with the Cavs in 1980. He has spent a large part of his retirement as a Knicks broadcast analyst. So he knows the league.

Frazier also addressed the Knicks’ point guard situation, indicating the team may still be on the lookout for one in the draft.

Watch the entire interview below: