George talks LeBron free agency, his own future

Thunder star Paul George is off to a fantastic first half of the season.

Even after the Indiana Pacers getting cold feet at the 11th hour and pulling out of a deal that would have sent Paul George to the Cleveland Cavaliers last summer, George’s name remains linked to Cavaliers superstar LeBron James.

Be it joining James if he remains in Cleveland or signing as a free agent in Los Angeles with the Lakers if James heads there, George’s name continues to be attached to James.

In an interview with TMZ Sports, George had some fun joking around while having questions about his own NBA future and potential landing spots for James thrown in his direction.

He was asked about the idea of being a teammate of James and if he enjoys contemplating the possibility.

“Yeah, I’m with LeBron every All-Star (Game). Every one of my All-Star’s I’ve been teamed with LeBron,” George told TMZ Sports. “We got a losing record but I like playing with him. Yeah, it was fun playing with LeBron All-Star Weekend.”

That paved the way to George being asked if he thinks James should be in Los Angeles. Unfortunately for the reporter, he wasn’t specific enough and did not extract the answer he was desiring. George decided to answer in the present tense.

“It’s the summer. Of course, he needs to be out here,” George said calmly. “It’s the summertime.”

The reporter then asked about the possibility of James joining him in Oklahoma City, where George was eventually traded after the Pacers pulled out of the deal with the Cavaliers.

“That’s up to LeBron,” George said. “You gotta question LeBron on that one.”