Hawks aim to move up in draft, may be eyeing Cavs’ pick at No. 5

Genneral manager Travis Schlenk and the Hawks are as focused as ever on the draft. File photo

The Atlanta Hawks are exploring ways to move up in the NBA Draft, perhaps as high as to No. 5, a pick currently held by the Cleveland Cavaliers, according to Adrian Wojnaroski of ESPN.

The Hawks currently own the Nos. 8, 10 and 17 selections of the first round, and per Wojnarowski, general manager Travis Schlenk will try to get creative and trade at least one.

Sources have repeatedly told Amico Hoops that the Cavs are open to wheeling and dealing on draft night, and while the fifth pick hasn’t been mentioned, the Cavs may not be overly enamored with the potential prospects still available. Trading down for more picks could be something that interests them.

The same holds true of the Phoenix Suns and Chicago Bulls, who currently own the sixth and seventh overall selections, respectively.

According to Wojnarowski, the Suns and Bulls are hopeful of signing veteran point guards, even if they end up drafting players at that position.

Meanwhile, the Hawks are said to be looking for wing players such as Texas Tech shooting guard Jarrett Culver and Virginia small forward De’Andre Hunter. Both of those prospects are expected to be gone by the eighth overall selection.

The NBA draft is June 20, a week from Thursday.

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  1. If Cavs aren’t enamored with any players at #5, if that’s the reasoning, how does trading down for more picks behind #5 make sense? We don’t want the best players?

    Pick the best player at #5. Or they’re less likely to be on the board at #8 or #10.

    Are Cavs looking for the best players in the draft? Seems if it’s a deep draft, trading down for other likely hits makes sense. If it’s a shallow draft, higher picks are that much more valuable. Maybe Cavs think this draft is deep, despite the reports

    Are Cavs reading too many mock drafts online with the guys they like projected later? I hope that’s not the reasoning for this strategy.

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