Jazz’s Gobert: ‘If I gotta do justice myself, I’m gonna do justice myself’

Rudy Gobert of the Jazz has fired a warning shot across the bow in regard to physical play and fouls.

As the reigning NBA Defensive Player of the Year, Rudy Gobert is entitled to be, well, defensive about what’s been happening to him of late.

The Utah Jazz center, the focal point of the league’s best defensive team last season, has reached his breaking point when it comes to NBA officials and the way be believes he is being treated.

It was thought Gobert’s frustrations came to a head when he was called for a very questionable foul on the opening tip of a game against Houston last week and was subsequently given the heave-ho for his reaction to another foul call a few minutes later when Houston’s James Harden clearly flopped:

However, Gobert again criticized the officials after Utah’s 122-113 loss at Oklahoma City on Monday night and according to Eric Walden of The Salt Lake Tribune, Gobert has reached his boiling point.

“Tonight, someone grabbed my arm, pulled me down — that was a very dangerous play, and I got called for the foul. So if I gotta do justice myself, I’m gonna do justice myself. And it’s gonna get ugly,” Gobert said. “Hopefully, I don’t have to do that. I just want to play basketball.”

Here’s the play Gobert is referencing, as he gets tangled up with Steven Adams of the Thunder and he gets called for the foul:

Gobert went on to explain he has attempted to give the league’s referees the benefit of the doubt and it’s a thankless and near-impossible job to get every call correctly.

He was recently fined $15,000 for criticizing the officials after a game in Miami.

However, judging by Gobert’s comments, he has drawn a line in the sand and thrown a gauntlet down.

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  1. This was created by ridiculous behaviour on the part of Offical Courtney Kirkland. Yes officials cant always get it right but anyone with a fair pair of eyes that takes the time to view replays of the series of insanely wrong calls over the last 5 or 6 games can see that there has been an incredible bias agaisnt Gobert and the Utah Jazz. If they lose, they lose, but to work your tail off trying to come back, win or just make a showing of effort being hindered by calls like this are beyond acceptable. We expect allot from the players in this league and we should at the very least DEMAND a fair playing field for the players that decote lifetimes and fans devoting buckets of $$ to see a fairly called game. The jump ball foul and Harden flop were enough after the previous games to expect a statement from the NBA..crickets.. then in Oklahoma being arm twisted and pulled down by a 300 pound man and being given a foul on top of it all? RIDICULOUS!!!
    Im tired of it and its ruining the game, I decided not to buy tickets this christmas because even when Utah wins, they lose when officials pull this crap. Its infuriating and ruins the fun and enjoyment of the game. Its gone way past just wanting the call for “your team” and is now bias, predatory and totally unfair officiating.

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