Kerr after blowout loss: Warriors ‘banged up spiritually’

Warriors star Kevin Durant appears like to miss the start of the Finals.

Draymond Green and the Golden State Warriors were blown out by a 107-86 count Thursday against the Houston Rockets, only adding to the early storylines and dramas facing the two-time defending champions.

While Green and Kevin Durant survived the night without incident, and even seemingly got along well, there is still plenty brewing behind the scenes — and still some remnants of their dust-up in Monday’s loss, in which Green screamed at Durant and received a suspension from the team.

“The people who heard his scathing words loud and clear insist that it was even worse than what has been reported,” Sam Amick of The Athletic reported. “It wasn’t just about the b-words that were hurled, or the use of Durant’s free agency as a weapon of sorts when Green got so defensive about the criticism that was coming his way.

“It was the biting, ruthless way in which his message was delivered, all because someone had the nerve to question him in the way he so often does them.”

Amick later added some key information about Durant’s looming ability to opt out of his contract and enter free agency.

“According to sources, this entire saga isn’t about Durant’s free agency as much as it is Draymond’s vocal attitude about Durant’s free agency,” Amick reported. “There may be others in that locker room who don’t like how Durant has navigated these waters — and our Marcus Thompson has reported that there is — but no one has chosen to share those views like this. ‘No one cares except for Draymond,’ one source insisted.”

Durant did seem to in better spirits, at least when it came to talking about basketball, despite the fact his team was routed.

“Durant’s postgame mood was better than it has been in recent days,” Anthony Slater of The Athletic reported. “He didn’t like the question about his relationship with Draymond and took a sledgehammer to it quickly, but otherwise held court for about seven minutes, giving detailed answers about the game. Once again, he declined to do side interviews afterwards, a rarity for him and another clear sign how much this storyline is bugging him.”

Green also stuck to talking about basketball — and a game in which he scored zero points and committed five turnovers.

“I was horrible,” Green told reporters. “I just couldn’t do nothing right. A lot of stuff I saw was plays I usually make. I just didn’t really have that feel tonight. But it will come. It is what it is, but my feel wasn’t there at all. My sight was, I saw everything I needed to see. I just really couldn’t get the ball to where I wanted it to go. Things just didn’t go my way, but that’s OK.”

Without MVP candidate Steph Curry, who will miss at least the next four games with a groin injury, the Warriors will have to find a way to get back their mojo.

“We’re banged up a little bit physically and right now we’re banged up spiritually,” Warriors coach Steve Kerr told reporters. There’s no getting around that. So we’ve got to fill up our cup and get our spirit back, get our energy back, and we’re going to.”