Marbury: ‘No one in basketball has ever done what I’ve done’

Stephon Marbury played for five different teams during his NBA run, including his hometown Knicks.

Stephon Marbury was an elite NBA player, averaging better than 19 points and nearly eight assists per game over a 13-year NBA career. 

To put Marbury’s career stat-line into perspective, Houston Rockets star Chris Paul averaged fewer points and only 0.3 more assists last season. Marbury was also a two-time All-Star and two-time All-NBA point guard.

In 2010, after his 13-years in the NBA, Marbury found a home in the Chinese Basketball Association. In China, he is a six-time All-Star, and a three-time CBA champion. This past February, at the age of 40-years old, Marbury played his final CBA game.

Does Stephon Marbury belong in the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame?

When asked by AmicoHoops on Twitter if he thinks he should be a Hall-of-Famer, Marbury didn’t hold back.

“My #’s are HOF and no one in basketball has ever done what I’ve done,” Marbury wrote. “Two statues while playing and a museum to get energy from whenever I want. Do you really think I care about the hall of fame when my numbers are. I have to take me out of this because the hate is serious.”

The Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame is just what the title says — a basketball Hall of FameSo the NBA is not the only criteria taken into account when a player is being considered for the Springfield, Mass., museum. Instead, voters are supposed to analyze an entire body of work of a basketball player; and not just their NBA success.

Combining Marbury’s success — a combined eight-time All-Star between the two leagues — it’s fair to say he is a Hall of Fame caliber player. In five years, Marbury will see if the voters agree.

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