NBA conducting investigation of free-agency tampering

Finals MVP Kawhi Leonard left the champion Raptors for the hometown Clippers.

The NBA has launched a league-wide tampering investigation into the free agency period this offseason, according to Zach Lowe and Brian Windhorst of ESPN.

The investigation will include interviews with players and agents, and likely some members of front offices around the league.

Team owners met in Las Vegas earlier this month, per the report, and one of the topics discussed were the many stars who found new places to call home. The list included All-Stars such as Kawhi Leonard, Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving and Kemba Walker.

“The powerful men and women, some through clenched teeth and others with open arms, asked themselves two basic but important questions: What the hell just happened, and what should we do about it?” Lowe and Windhorst reported.

NBA legend and Charlotte Hornets owner Michael Jordan “discussed the possible need to revisit free-agency rules in the next collective bargaining agreement,” according to the report.

Some of the rules changes discussed included allowing teams to begin negotiating with their own free agents immediately after the season, as well as potentially holding the free agency period prior to the draft. As it stands, the draft is typically held a week before the free agency period.

Commissioner Adam Silver has said that “things are being discussed that don’t fall squarely within the collective bargaining agreement” regarding free agency.