Cavs’ Wade set to roll, regardless of role

Cavaliers guard Dwyane Wade averaged 18.3 points in 60 games with the Bulls last season.

Cleveland Cavaliers newcomer Dwyane Wade is OK with whatever coach Tyronn Lue throws his way.

“Me and Ty just talked about role,” Wade told reporters Friday. “We didn’t talk about starting or nothing like that. We just talked about what my role can be and pretty much what I’ve always done.

“I’m not focusing on starting at (shooting guard). I’m not focusing on anything. I’m just focused on coming in here, learning the offense, continuing to be one of the guys and figure that Ty, he will figure everything out. It’s everybody’s job that has on a Cleveland jersey to be ready and prepare for whatever he decides.”

Wade, 35, arrives to Cleveland after scoring around 18 points in 60 games last season with his hometown Chicago Bulls. But most people know him from his days in Miami, advancing to four straight Finals next to close friend LeBron James.

Wade won two straight titles with James, and owns another from back in 2006 when he teamed with Shaquille O’Neal. All took place with the Heat.

Now, Wade is implying that starting, coming off the bench, positions … none of it really matters. He just wants another ring.

Interestingly, Lue has been using Wade primarily as a backup point guard behind Derrick Rose in practice. Of course, Wade has barely practiced with the team — as he’s been in Cleveland for less than a week.

But regardless of where or how he’s used, again, Wade said he’s ready to bring it.

“I’m a ‘pick your spot’ type of player,” he told reporters. “When I have the ball in my hand, I’m always a playmaker. I’m always dangerous to make plays and I’ve scored over 20,000-some points in my career so I can still put the ball in the basket.

“I can attack on the block. I’m a great pick-and-roll player from a scoring and passing standpoint and when they need me to make sure I stay in that corner somewhere and stay there and let ‘Bron do his thing and be ready to shoot it, I got to knock shots down.

‘I’m not J.R. Smith, I’m not Kyle Korver. I’m never going to be those guys. But I want to do better than I did last year. Last year I shot 31 (percent) or whatever. I want to shoot a couple more percentages higher this year. Just being ready to shoot. Whatever the team needs, you want to be able to do.”

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