Cavaliers likely to allow trade exceptions to expire

Cavaliers general manager Koby Altman has acquired eight total draft picks since the start of the season.

Could the Cavaliers make a move before the start of the regular season? Unlikely, but if nothing else, a move will be made for them.

The Cavs have two traded-player exceptions that will expire Monday if unused. One is worth $2.5 million, obtained in last year’s trade of Richard Jefferson to the Atlanta Hawks. The otherĀ  is worth about $1.2 million, obtained via Kay Felder being sent to the Hawks in that same trade.

Neither Jefferson nor Felder are still in the league and the exceptions will likely soon go bye-bye, too.

Sources say the Cavs aren’t likely to use the exceptions in a deal, though such possibilities have been and may still be explored before the exceptions vanish into thin air at 5 p.m. EST — when opening-night rosters are due.

The Cavs do have an open roster spot, though they’re more likely to hang on to it, see how things play out, and fill it in December or January (or later).

Right now, the Cavs aren’t looking to make a splash, instead trying to build some continuity with the players remaining from last season’s Finals team and the roster’s younger additions.

But some suspect Cavs general manager Koby Altman will be active and aggressive at the trade deadline, just as he was last season, after gauging the team’s performance and determining whether the veteran players are worth keeping. Or if the Cavs would be better suited to trade those players to contending teams in return for draft picks and perhaps even some cap space.

Either way, those are things to think about for down the road. For now, the Cavs roster you see today is likely to be the one you see until opening day.

The Cavs open the season Wednesday at Toronto.

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