Dribbles: Cavs continue major push for trades

Cavaliers star LeBron James is believed to have been kept abreast of the team's potential moves.

Some quick random dribbles/news items on the Cavaliers as NBA draft day has arrived.

1. Front office point men Koby Altman and Mike Gansey were working the phones well into the night and early Thursday morning, and have the Cavs on the brink of several trades, league sources told Amico Hoops. That includes a potential biggie.

2. Sources would not offer specifics on the possible blockbuster, saying they do not want to sabotage deals by leaking too much information.

3. The Cavs are still very involved in talks for Indiana forward Paul George. It has been estimated that nearly every team has called to inquire about the Pacers star. The Cavs, Celtics and Lakers (George’s preferred destination) are all believed to have strong offers on the table.

4. The Pacers do not care, of course, that George intends to eventually play for the Lakers. They will take the best deal from any team, no questions asked.

5. As Amico Hoops reported, sources reiterated that the report of Cavs players telling Chicago Bulls starĀ Jimmy Butler to stay away is false. The Cavs were still not close to a deal involving Butler as of Thursday morning, sources said.

6. Chauncey Billups has been offered the position of the Cavs’ top basketball executive, and sources said he spoke in a manner Wednesday that has those in the organization believing he will accept.

7. Billups just has to decide whether he wants to leave his cushy TV gig with ESPN for the day-to-day stresses of running an NBA franchise –especially one that is constantly under the national microscope.

8. The expectation is Billups will let the Cavs know of his decision Thursday or Friday.

9. Cavs star LeBron James has been kept abreast of the Cavs’ plans and told the team is indeed hard at work in its attempts to surround him with another star/more talent.

10. James is said to be open and receptive to the potential hiring of Billups, someone James has competed against and admired during Billups’ playing days with the then-rival Detroit Pistons.

11. Contrary to the common narrative, James was not ticked off about the Cavs’ parting of ways with former GM David Griffin, sources said. James was sincerely appreciative of Griffin’s efforts and somewhat surprised by the split. But James isn’t necessarily pinning all the blame for the breakup on the organization.

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