Nuggets keeping close eye on Griffin, Millsap

Free agents Paul Millsap of the Hawks, left, and Blake Griffin of the Clippers are expected to be heavily recruited this summer.

Add the Denver Nuggets to the long list of teams aiming to attract free agent stars Blake Griffin of the Los Angeles Clippers and Paul Millsap of the Atlanta Hawks.

But according to the Denver Post, it’s hard to tell if either have an interest in the Nuggets, or how much they might help.

Per the Post:

Griffin could sell tickets in Denver. But could he stay on the court for the Nuggets? The man has become an injury waiting to happen. During the past three NBA seasons, Griffin has played in 163 of 246 regular-season games.

Millsap, however, could be a bit more realistic, the Post writes:

There’s a toughness to Millsap that coach Michael Malone’s squad sorely lacks. His performance, however, slipped last season, and was it the first troubling sign of wear-and-tear on his 32-year-old body? He’s the free-agent target the Nuggets have the best chance of hitting.

The Nuggets are said to be one of this offseason’s most aggressive teams when it comes to reshaping the roster or adding a star. Along with their expected pursuit of top-tier free agents, they have also been involved in talks centered on Cleveland Cavaliers forward Kevin Love.

With free agency starting Saturday, things may be getting particularly interesting in Denver.