Durant: LeBron-to-Warriors rumors a load of bull

Kevin Durant could wind up playing at Madison Square Garden on a full-time basis, according to some NBA insiders.

Kevin Durant has seen and heard it all, and once made a free-agent move to the Golden State Warriors himself.

But don’t try to tell Durant than LeBron James could come, too.

“Bullshit,” Durant atold reporters bout the possibility of signing James in free agency this summer.

Durant and the Warriors are coming off a championship and are the favorites to do it again this year. In order to sign James, the Warriors would have to reshape the roster.

James no doubt would be tempting. Even at 33-years old, the Cleveland Cavaliers superstar can make a strong case as The World’s Greatest Player. But for Durant, the whole concept seems far-fetched — and not all that interesting.

“It’s not interesting because you turn on TV, you turn on anything that has to do with basketball, there’s less about the game,” Durant said. “…As a pure basketball player, as a pure fan of the game, at this point, it’s pretty sickening.”

Durant wasn’t finished.

“LeBron James is the biggest name in basketball,” he said. “For the last two years everybody been wondering where he’s going to go and if he’s unhappy in Cleveland, so I understand that part. It’s fun to see that suspense. But we’re getting away from the real game. We’re getting away from what really matters. And that’s just playing ball and getting better and enjoying the game.”

Meanwhile, Warriors coach Steve Kerr was a little less diplomatic about James, as coach’s and opposing executives aren’t permitted to talk about opposing players under contract when the idea is free-agent targets.

“You’re really going to ask that?” Kerr said. “Do you want me to get my checkbook out? I could just make it out to Adam Silver? Or to the NBA? You know that’s illegal. I’m not answering that.”

James’ numbers in January were down from the early part of the season as the Cavaliers finished the month with a disappointing 6-8 record.

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