Griffin-less Clippers may keep right on dealing

Lou Williams and the Clippers understand Cavaliers star LeBron James can still cause problems for opponents.

There is always time for one more potential blockbuster.

That appears to be the thinking of the Los Angeles Clippers, who agreed to a trade that will send star forward Blake Griffin to the Detroit Pistons.

In return, the Clippers will receive forward Tobias Harris, guard Avery Bradley and center Boban Marjanovic, as well as a first- and second-round draft pick. Clippers forwards Willie Reed and Brice Johnson are also on their way to the Pistons.

Either way, the trade may not be the end for the Clippers. According to ESPN, they may have more moves to make — starting with center DeAndre Jordan and shooting guard Lou Williams.

Per the report:

The Clippers will continue to discuss contract extensions at the right price, while engaging teams in trade talks on DeAndre Jordan and Lou Williams. They’ll try to do a hard thing in the NBA: Rebuild on the fly with younger players/picks, without gutting roster.

As Amico Hoops reported last month, the Cleveland Cavaliers have been interested in Jordan for some time, and appear to remain that way today.

The Clippers would be OK with a return built on Cavs center Tristan Thompson — but only if the Cavs included their first-round pick via the Brooklyn Nets in return.

That’s about when talks ended. The Cavs don’t want to part with the pick. Still, things could be revisited now that it’s evident the Clippers may be having a fire sale. Clearly, the Griffin trade changes everything.

Meanwhile, Williams is having a fantastic season with averages of 23.5 points and 5.2 assists off the bench. So it’s not a big surprise the Clippers are shooting for the moon when it comes to a trade centered on Jordan and Williams.

Then again, teams tend to feel desperate as the trade deadline approaches, especially if there are differences on potential contract extensions.

So expect Jordan and Williams to still be with the Clippers all the way up until the deadline on Feb. 8. Then, perhaps, a team can get either, or both, at a lower cost.

10 Comments on "Griffin-less Clippers may keep right on dealing"

  1. Really Cleveland? Give up the damn 7th pick in the draft for one of the best centers in the NBA and the best 6th man. What are you thinking??

    • A center that is useless against the Warriors.. never know where the ping pong balls will fall. Not interested in Jordan.. Williams yes but no nets pick involved.

    • I know. I don’t get it.

    • There are 4 teams within 2 victories of Nets. That pick can be at 3 or 4 within a month easily. Jordan and/or Williams with opt outs or expiring contracts not worth that pick today. If they signed extensions prior to trade that’s another story.

  2. TBH Sam, If the Cavs are going to make a move Id rather give up the Nets pick, IT, TT and Shumpert for Dwight Howard and Kemba Walker, rather than Jordan and Williams.

    • Hey Steve. I like Kemba more than Williams, that’s for sure. And maybe Dwight more than Jordan on the Cavs. So I’m with you! 🙂 – Sam

      • I know you have previously written about the Cavs playing 4 on 5 on the offensive end when TT is on the floor, Howard, apart from the shot blocking and rim protection the Cavs desperately need, Howard is also a genuine scoring option, more so that TT and even Jordan.

    • I would like that trade as well but I wonder if they could swing Batum in that deal with Walker and Howard maybe give up both first round picks with IT TT Shump maybe another piece or two to make it work but I hope they don’t trade Frye he is good for this team spacing the floor for others and gives them a better scoring option.

      • Batum, is on an absolutely horrendous contract for 4 years for the little production he provides, I don’t see how the Cavs could possibly absorb his contract and pay him what he is owed! 27 mil in his last season for a career average of 11.8 PPG? No Thanks.

  3. Anybody here catch some college hoops this year? How good are the bigs that are projected?

    Although Sam makes a great point about the Nets having no incentive to tank this year, and although theyve been in the majority of games until the buzzer and are well coached, i think some of the teams just behind them in the standings are improving and are on the upswing too or have had injuries and things that might not keep them bad for the entire season. Lakers for instance have been coming together. Coach Clifford just returned from medical leave to the Hornets. Etc. I can see it being a top 5 seeding, and with the new draft percentages for ping pong balls, its easier to crack the top 3 than it used to be. I think the Kyrie pick started off a 9th seed (from lowest), no?

    So is it all about this year for the Cavs? Or the next 3-5 years that LeBron may be here? I ask because some of the bigs coming out in the draft are projected to be great rim protectors also, no? With maybe more upside offensively? Do things only work on a year by year basis in Cleveland?

    D Jordan, has he improved in the past 3 years much? He’s still not a post up player is he? For the amout of cap space he would tie up with an extension will we find ourselves complaining about his lack of offense in a year or two? Especially if Cavs dont win it all in a year or two?

    Id rather give Cavs a good chance to win another one in 2, 3, 4 and/or 5 years from now than just an okay chance to try to win one this year. So i am asking about the upside of these bigs coming out in 2018. Im sure Embid surprised most of us and Cavs were high on him at the time. Who migjt they be high on now?

    Im not against a Howard trade if he comes cheap because he can score too. Can Gortat protect the rim at all, i know je can finish and play D. But i question the upside of Jordan and if tying up all that money with him will hurt Cavs chances after this year if LBJ decides to stick around. Though must say i enjoyed his defensive intensity on A Davis the other night he guarded him tight all the way up to the 3pt line.

    Its a bit of a paradox i wish he’d just re-sign. This is not an easy decision for Cavs management to make.

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