Will Clippers be top LA destination for free agents in 2019?

Clippers owner Steve Ballmer could have max salary slots with a willingness to spend in 2019.

With lots of space under the salary cap coming in the summer of 2019, Los Angeles could become a coveted destination for free agents.

But the LA destination may surprise you.

According to a story from Howard Beck of Bleacher Report, the Clippers (and not the Lakers) might be the “most attractive free agent situation of all of them,” suggested an opposing executive.

“None of the available free agents want to be LeBron [James’] caddy,” the executive told Beck. “And they can become the greatest player in the history of a franchise in an unbelievable market with the wealthiest owner in the league. Why would that not thrill you?”

The Clippers, by the way, could have enough cap room to sign two maximum-level free agents. They have already been linked to Toronto Raptors star Kawhi Leonard and Minnesota Timberwolves star Jimmy Butler — both of whom reportedly would rather play for the Clippers than alongside James.

Along with the exec, one agent told Beck he too is impressed with the Clippers and what appears to be a willingness to spend.

In fact, Clippers owner Steve Ballmer even said as much. And Ballmer’s plan isn’t just to spend, it seems, but to spend wisely.

“We want a team where we get maximum value out of the guys that we have, that we’re not dummies,” Ballmer told Beck. “I think if you look over the last five, six years, there’s some moves with hindsight I say, ‘God, now that I’ve been around longer, I wouldn’t make a move to give up a first-round pick to get Jeff Green.’

“Because we weren’t as close to being a championship contender as we thought we were. So we gave up a pick we shouldn’t have.”