Wolves’ Butler reaffirms trade wish in another meeting

Timberwolves star Jimmy Butler is reportedly determined to find his next NBA destination.

Twenty-one days later, it’s more of the same for Jimmy Butler and the Minnesota Timberwolves.

Butler still wants traded, Timberwolves president/coach Tom Thibodeau still wants Butler to stay, and no deal has been found.

And yes, it’s been three weeks since Butler asked for a trade. The Athletic reported he reiterated his request Monday in a meeting with Thibodeau.

“Tom is behaving like a desperate girlfriend who just can’t let go, but Jimmy isn’t going to work there,” one opposing general manager told Amico Hoops last week. “I’m not sure what they’re clinging to. Some of (Butler’s) teammates don’t want him back. You have to make a deal.”

The Timberwolves reportedly came oh so close in a potential trade with the Miami Heat over the weekend, and Miami is said to be Butler’s preferred destination. But things apparently fell apart at the last minute.

League sources told Amico Hoops the Timberwolves have talked with at least 25 of the opposing 29 teams. The Los Angeles Clippers and Timberwolves have been continuing talks, according to a Yahoo Sports report.

Either way, this saga is marching on with the Timberwolves’ regular-season opener at San Antonio coming in just more than a week.

“Several teams around the league have privately questioned whether the Wolves are truly interested in finding a trade for a player that was a central figure in Thibodeau’s plans to rebuild the team,” The Athletic reported. ‘Thibodeau and GM Scott Layden have driven a hard bargain for their four-time All-Star.”

Butler has not been practicing with the Timberwolves but according to The Athletic, has been in contact with teammates, sending text messages to players such as Taj Gibson, Jeff Teague and rookie Josh Okogie.

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