Your Ball: What more should Amico Hoops do?

Marc Gasol and the Grizzlies will be looking to drastically improve on last season's 22-60 finish.

Amico Hoops is website founded by Yours Truly (hence the name), but I founded it with the idea that it would be not my website, but as a clearinghouse for Cavaliers and NBA information and analysis … for YOU.

In other words, I want the readers and podcast listeners to feel a sense of ownership. I want you to have a say in the type of information you collect.

Do you like polls? Interviews? Video? Podcasts? Rumors?

Oh, who am I kidding? EVERYONE loves basketball rumors.

But maybe you want more than that. Maybe a “Where are they now?” section, or features about NBA legends or the league’s greatest games.

Or what about an app?

Basically, this is your forum to continue to build the website. And please feel free to criticize. (I’ll just assume it’s all directed at Amico Hoops writers Colton Jones and Ashish Mathur. Haha.)

Anyway, let me know your thoughts below in the comments section. I will read all, and respond to as many as possible. We have grown considerably in the past year, and this is my job. I want us to serve you.

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  1. Rumors, trades, free agency, buyouts, predictions-regular season / playoffs. Have us give you our favorite teams and you funnel info to us on those teams. Overall you already do a great job!!

    • Thank you Bob! I like all of those ideas and in many ways, we aim to provide much of that already. I like the idea of funneling info to you on your favorites. Appreciate you reading and taking the time to comment! – Sam

  2. Maybe give us… no me. the winning lotto number from time to time. Good work Sam.

  3. Sam…I love as it is.

    Would love to read occasional “Where Are They Now” interviews (especially with past Cavs players…even if they were not big stars…and what’s going on in their lives now).

    Also…I think “future NBA stars” would be cool. i.e.: Cedi Osmond. OK, maybe they won’t be superstars, but perhaps solid NBA players would be interesting.

    Maybe an interesting question readers might be: “…if you could change anything about today’s NBA, what would it be?”.

    There’s a few ideas. Take care, Sam & crew.

  4. Russ Leonard | February 16, 2018 at 5:11 pm |

    Keep up the good work. Would love more original content and less summarizing other news reports.

  5. My only criticism is the explosion of advertising on this page in recent weeks. The pop up ad isn’t the worst thing, but scrolling through a dozen ads to get to the comments section often keeps me away from comment sections on articles where I would otherwise read the comments or join in, which is a feature I like.

    I appreciate you and CJ getting back to us. I guess I just hate advertising in general, but I know that’s how you guys make money, and you certainly deserve to. If there’s a way to make that money with the ads taking up less space, that would be awesome. But keep up the good work… obviously a big fan here as you did the best job of Cavs rumors on the web, which is what got me here in the first place.

  6. Sam,

    If the cost is not too great, how about a Cavs Message Board where junkies like me could discuss our favorite team.

    Could this bring in advertising revenue to Amico hoops?



  7. Maybe you could give away $1000 gift cards like Ellen.

    • Haha! How about 1 cent gift cards? Even I could afford that! (Provided I didn’t have to give away more than 11.)

  8. The thing I liked, about a week ago you posted a guy breaking down film for Larry Nance Jr from when he played with the Lakers. I felt that I learned something about how he helps the team win. As a casual fan, I am always watching the ball. Now I will try to pay attention to what is going on with Nance since his is always active away from the ball.

    • Thank you for the feedback Thomas. I like the idea of us linking to more of those types of videos, so expect to see more. Appreciate you reading and taking the time to comment! – Sam

  9. Hello Sam, Colton, Ashish I love the articles I read almost everyday unless I’m to busy and leave a comment sometimes. I am a huge Cavaliers fan for the past 20+ years and would like to see some video clips of player interviews to accompany the articles. I understand you couldn’t do them with every article but with some it would be nice to watch what the players actually have to say personally I like hearing them say it in an interview over reading everything they said all the time. A chat room would also be cool where the fans and the yes the haters can do a live chat room about rumors ,trades, team play, etc. Last I wouldn’t mind a few more podcasts I always listen to them no matter how long they may be but I think it would be pretty cool to have a comment section question podcast where you could take questions from people in the comment section read them and answer the best you can over a podcast each week as everyone doesn’t read all the comments all the time. Just some thoughts, ever since I found this site I can’t get enough of it I absolutely love it so keep up the great work everyone.

    Goooooooooooooooo Cavs!!!!!!!!

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