Nova City, Peshawar

Nova City, Peshawar


Nova City Peshawar is the most popular project in Peshawar right now.  Nova City Peshawar was founded after investors responded to Nova City Islamabad. Nova City Peshawar’s main goal is to offer investors the best residential and business opportunities. Investors are attracted to this location and its infrastructure.

Nova City Peshawar attracts not only Pakistani residents but also foreign Pakistanis. The facilities and amenities offered and promised are of international standard. Nova City Peshawar is one of those investment societies built on modern and contemporary standards.

Nova City Peshawar Developers and Owners:

Nova City Peshawar developers and owners are Nova Group. Nova developers are not a new name in the real estate industry. Because of their reliability, Nova developers are trusted and invested in by many. Nova developers are highly respected both locally and nationally.


Nova City was officially launched at the end of January 2022. It has received a tremendous response from developers. The Nova developers are highly skilled individuals. Nova Peshawar was also developed using the most up-to-date infrastructure and technology.

Nova developers can also be associated with other projects than just investment societies. These schools are examples of modern technological practices and innovation in Nova city. These schools and other projects will also be part of this investment society.

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Nova City, Peshawar NOC:

Nova City Peshawar NOC has been approved by the concerned authorities. Nova developers aim to give people security over their property. Nova developers took no time in acquiring the NOC.

Since the beginning, Nova City Peshawar’s developers have been working tirelessly for NOC. All the processing and operations are carried out under the supervision of development authorities.

Nova City, Peshawar Location:

Nova City Peshawar location is near the Charsadda interchange. Nova City Peshawar is also located near M1, which takes it to other cities. Nova City Peshawar lies close to Peshawar, Charsadda, and other cities. Nova City Peshawar’s location is very accessible and convenient, making it attractive to investors and owners of properties.

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Following are the accessibility points of the housing society:

  • It is located along with M-1 Islamabad – Peshawar Motorway
  • Peshawar City is just 19 minutes away
  • Charsadda City is just 12 minutes away
  • Mardan City is only 23 minutes away
  • Risalpur City is approximately 25 minutes away
  • Nearly 36 minutes drive from Nowshera City
  • Mardan Road is just 7 minute’s drive away
  • Nearly 19 minutes drive from N-5/G. T Road
  • Nearly 13 minutes drive from Charsadda Road
  • DHQ Hospital Road is just 5 minutes drive away
  • Just a 23-minute drive from Peshawar Ring Road
  • Bacha Khan University is just 15 minutes away
  • Peshawar Northern Bypass is just 19 minutes away
  • Nearly 51 minutes drive from Bacha Khan International Airport

Nova City Peshawar Master Plan:

Nova City Peshawar master plan is under process and has not been launched yet. The most prominent and efficient names in realty have developed the master plan for Nova City Peshawar. World-class architects and engineers manage the design and development for Nova City Peshawar. First, Nova City Peshawar’s standards align with international and national standards for infrastructure.

Nova City Peshawar strives to provide its residents with the best possible living conditions. Nova developer also wants to offer its investors the highest standard of living and comfort. The developer aims to provide the highest standard of living in Pakistan in accordance with the infrastructure.

Nova City Peshawar also aims to maintain stability among affordability and luxury, comfort, sustainability, and sustainability. This investment society aims to provide security and safety for its members. It is also easy for investors to invest in it. It is why the NOC was acquired by the developers. Nova City Peshawar has long-term sustainability goals and is a legal society.

Facilities and Amenities:

Nova City Peshawar’s goal is to offer investors the best facilities and amenities. It is another reason investors love Nova City Peshawar. Nova City is a secure society that offers the best modern amenities and luxuries. These are some of the City Peshawar’s features:

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Special Commercial Area:

The special commercial area is one of the most distinctive features of Nova city Peshawar. Every sector is also incorporated with a specific commercial area. This area will cover all markets that are required. These will also include all national and international products.

Water and energy resources:

Electricity and water are two of the most important issues we face. People have access to uninterrupted water, gas, and electricity. Nova City Peshawar also ensures that residents and owners access this facility.

Health Care:

If you want to live anywhere, health care is essential. Nova City Peshawar ensures that its residents receive the best healthcare services around the globe. Nova City Peshawar is also only 15 minutes from DHQ hospital.


Education is an essential part of any society. Nova City Peshawar ensures that everyone has access to top-quality educational institutions. There will be multiple schools, colleges, and universities of high quality.

Gated Community:

Nova City Peshawar has a secure and gated society protected by a well-installed surveillance system. Nova City Peshawar is also a security-oriented city.


Nova City believes everyone should be able to access Mosques easily. It allows them to practice their religion. Therefore, there are many mosques in the community.

Recreational activities:

Nova City offers a variety of recreational activities, including Zoos, Parks, and Playgrounds. Nova City also wants to promote a healthy lifestyle. This society offers many recreational opportunities.

Why should you invest in Nova City, Peshawar?

There are many reasons for you to invest in Nova City Peshawar. Nova City Peshawar’s location is ideal and easily accessible. It offers excellent investment opportunities and a high return on investment. Nova City is also a legal society that has received a No Objection Certificate from the relevant authorities. Nova City also offers modern amenities and facilities.

Nova City Peshawar’s main objective is to ensure investors have a safe investment. Nova City Peshawar offers the most lucrative investment. The infrastructure and quality of the city attract property investors. Special overseas blocks address the needs of Pakistani citizens living in other countries.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Following are the FAQs of the housing venture:

Q1: What is Nova City Peshawar? Why should you choose it?

Ans: Nova City Peshawar, another Nova developer project. It is a highly sought-after housing society. Nova City Peshawar developers want to offer its residents perfect investment opportunities and housing options. It is designed to offer a luxurious, affordable society.

Q2: Is the NOC of the housing society approved?

Ans: Nova City Peshawar is an organization that has been granted a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the relevant authority. Nova City Peshawar developers ensured they got the NOC as soon as possible.

Q3: Is Nova City Peshawar an affordable housing community?

Ans: Nova City Peshawar is an affordable investment society that offers many luxuries. It also offers an easy installment plan that makes it attractive to those who want to purchase residential or commercial plots.

Q4: Where is Nova City Peshawar?

Ans: Nova City Peshawar is close to the M-1 interchange. It can be found near Peshawar or Charsadda City.

Q5: Who are the Nova City Peshawar developers?

Nova City Peshawar was developed by Nova developers, who also developed Nova City Islamabad. They are also well-known developers both nationally and internationally.

Q6: Is Nova City Peshawar a beneficial investment society?

Nova City Peshawar offers flexible and affordable payment options. It allows for maximum investment opportunities and high yield returns.


Nova City Peshawar, a Nova developer project, is concluded. Nova City Peshawar is situated near motorway M-1, connecting it to Peshawar or Charsadda. It is also located near the Charsadda interchange, making it an important location. Nova City Peshawar is very popular among property investors in Pakistan.

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Nova City Peshawar’s main goal is to offer affordable, sustainable residential and commercial plots. It also offers investors the latest facilities and amenities. These are just a few reasons Nova City Peshawar is more appealing to investors.

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